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    Elmer #34 with Brake Cylinders

    Beautiful engine and very good work. I just cant believe the price of brass nowadays.
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    First engine

    Wobblers are good builds to get familiar with basic machining. I am still learning myself and I have been doing it for a few years. On my builds I try to make them run on as little air pressure as possible. Its a personnel challenge. I have been able to get some down to a pound or less of air...
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    I agree.
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    No. 1 Arbor Press

    I have a HF and it seems to work pretty good. I would buy it again if i had to. Only use it occasionally.
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    Kerzel engine

    Yes, What awake said. I too would like to know more detail about the build.
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    Kerzel engine

    That is very nice work for a first time build.
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    Complete Model Engineering Shop

    So sorry to hear that you are giving it up. I will miss the contributions that you have made to this forum.
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    Chinese model engine problem

    Need more info. What model do you have?
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    Bolton No.2 Mill Engine

    Nice work. Good luck on the rest of it. Keep posting....Tom
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    Newbie from central Virginia

    Hello and welcome. Some guys do some great work on smaller lathes and mills.
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    Chinese hit and miss engines

    Each and every time I start mine I lube all pivot points and gears etc. with light oil. Bring psiton up to tdc and with a long spout oil can you can get a drop or two of oil on the cylinder. Also , I don't run mine too long. maybe 6 or 8 minutes max. Just enough to show off. I have only used...
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    Chinese hit and miss engines

    I got one. Mine is silver and I think its called Euchine. You have to choke it some to start it. Put finger on intake, 2 revolutions, then bring flywheel on compression stroke and give it a spin. With mine I still have to restrict air flow with finger until it starts to take hold. I thought...
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    Hello from Oklahoma

    Hello and welcome. Sounds like you have plenty to offer.
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    School me on engine starters

    Will you have a charging system ? In the real world you can get many electrical starts before it pulls the batteries down.
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    New to Forum, Illinois

    Hello and welcome. Kind of new to it myself. The more you do the better/easier it gets.