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    Hardware store steam engine

    Well done. Good thinking.
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    Modified Henry Ford Engine

    Congratulations, my first attempt was not successful. I put it up and moved on to other things. I am going to tackle it again. I will not let it beat me down. As others have said , they can be tricky. Your build looks great. Did you stuff the combustion chamber to increase compression?
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    Crankshaft help

    I agree with the loctite. Tough stuff. Just give it enough time to fully cure. It will set in about 20 minutes or less, but full cure is 24 hours. Clean parts real good with Acetone or the likes. Oils and such don't mix with loctite. After full cure it takes heat (600 degrees) to seperate.
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    Elmer #34 with Brake Cylinders

    Beautiful engine and very good work. I just cant believe the price of brass nowadays.
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    First engine

    Wobblers are good builds to get familiar with basic machining. I am still learning myself and I have been doing it for a few years. On my builds I try to make them run on as little air pressure as possible. Its a personnel challenge. I have been able to get some down to a pound or less of air...
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    I agree.
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    No. 1 Arbor Press

    I have a HF and it seems to work pretty good. I would buy it again if i had to. Only use it occasionally.
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    Kerzel engine

    Yes, What awake said. I too would like to know more detail about the build.
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    Kerzel engine

    That is very nice work for a first time build.
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    Complete Model Engineering Shop

    So sorry to hear that you are giving it up. I will miss the contributions that you have made to this forum.
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    Chinese model engine problem

    Need more info. What model do you have?
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    Bolton No.2 Mill Engine

    Nice work. Good luck on the rest of it. Keep posting....Tom
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    Newbie from central Virginia

    Hello and welcome. Some guys do some great work on smaller lathes and mills.
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    Chinese hit and miss engines

    Each and every time I start mine I lube all pivot points and gears etc. with light oil. Bring psiton up to tdc and with a long spout oil can you can get a drop or two of oil on the cylinder. Also , I don't run mine too long. maybe 6 or 8 minutes max. Just enough to show off. I have only used...
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    Chinese hit and miss engines

    I got one. Mine is silver and I think its called Euchine. You have to choke it some to start it. Put finger on intake, 2 revolutions, then bring flywheel on compression stroke and give it a spin. With mine I still have to restrict air flow with finger until it starts to take hold. I thought...