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    My Webster model 4 stroke engine

    Looks cool to me! If you can do this at your age, imagine what your future projects will look like.
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    Project of the Month - October 2017

    Very well done. You can feel proud to have an engine like this! Congratulations!
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    Corliss steam engine

    I absolutely like your machine Mirek. Everything on the layout is well built and the engine runs well. I like the detail work as well.
  4. sdju

    Beam Engine

    Beam engine build. It has a cast iron cylinder and steel piston. Cylinder bore is 10mm and 18mm stroke. Piston valve stroke is 8mm.
  5. sdju

    Vertical Steam Engine

    Thanks Brian, I have seen picture of a twin cylinder and it looked stunning. Just double the amount of work but I'm so sure it would be a stunning machine.
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    Vertical Steam Engine

    Thanks a lot. Built this engine over a period of 7 weeks and I have to say that I had quite a bit of free time to do my work.
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    Vertical Steam Engine

    Hi guys, would like to share my vertical steam engine. I wanted an engine like this in my collection because of looks, sound when running and the Stephenson valve motion which also enables reverse gear. I machined everything that would be a casting from solid aluminium. A cast iron cylinder was...
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    More Mini Mill Mods

    I like this idea of a gas spring. Going to replace mine as well.