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    Reaming thechnique

    Brian, I too sometimes have that problem. The longer the tool, the farther from dead center it is. I've considered mounting a drill chuck in a quick change holder. Even if I miss dead center, a short center drill will actually "bore" back to center. Maybe someday...
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    Reaming thechnique

    I built automotive dies in a life past. All sections were doweled for location. Drill and ream only. I've also used "dreamers". After hardening usually went to the Sunnen hone for touch up. What kind of accuracy requires more?
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    Reaming thechnique

    My approach would be c-drill, 1/4 " drill, 13/32 drill, then ream. I always ream (and tap) with Crisco at slow rpm and back the reamer out with the chuck or spindle stopped. Old school? Works for me. Btw, the slow speed will accommodate minor chuck runout
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    Who makes the best small drill bits?

    I can't comment on drill quality, I buy whatever. I can say that most of the smaller drills are poorly sharpened... no relief. A light touch on my bench grinder makes a world of difference.
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    Another flame eater question.

    Holiday greetings from Florida, I designed and built my own flame eater. I should have paid more attention to the members that bemoaned their start up problems. I've read in other posts that if all is well I should get and audible "pop" when I turn it over without the burner. At what point in...
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    Balancing a crankshaft.

    Excellent write-up. Thank you.
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    My homemade gear hobber

    I'm just stupified. Got my ME degree 50 years ago. Wonder what the next 50 will bring. Nice work though... I guess. :D
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    Balancing a crankshaft.

    I'm wondering about balancing a single cylinder crankshaft. I've "designed" and built a few engines myself . I've always balanced the crank by itself, out of the engine, on roller bearings. I'm building my first flame eater and perhaps a little over-concerned after reading other's accounts of...
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    Philip Duclos Fire Eater 20 bucks and you're covered. Btw, I built my first steam engine on my dads's little Atlas, at 13. I didn't know how to read mics so I made the cylinder first.
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    how fast is your finger engine

    Were you able to input a wheel diameter that approximates true RPM?
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    how fast is your finger engine

    Agreed! Great idea. I've been thinking about making one for my grand kids. They'l wear that out.
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    brown and sharpe wee small hole guage

    That is a model 605 depth mic. The shaft was probably turned down to probe a specific small diameter hole
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    Project of the Month - September 2018

    Nice job. Congratulations
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    (2) right angle gear reducers... can someone use these?

    Greetings Jim, Glad someone can use these reducers. I haven't found a way to private message on this forum (is it me?), so I'll post my email here: [email protected] Send me yours, and I'll ship tomorrow... and thank you. Russ
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    (2) right angle gear reducers... can someone use these?

    Just saw your post. I'll follow up tomorrow.