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    Holly Buddy Inline Twin

    Great stuff Patrik (and Ed). Going to be a monster of an engine. I am happy to follow this one 👍🏼
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    Peggy - my Holly Buddy remix - 2.5cc CI engine

    Congrats! The engine looks absolutely beautiful and seems to run super nicely! Well done. What substance did you use for lapping the cylinder? I see you referred to 320, 600, 1000 grit in the post when lapping with split alu mandrel. Did you measure the taper of the cylinder? I was supposed...
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    The Monsun Standard 2.4cc vintage model diesel engine

    Thanks rklopp, I just loved the torpedo looks of the original also and that was one of the main reasons I started the project. Other one was the fact that while I red that late Ron Chernich had been working on the plans for it I approached Ken Croft and while I was hoping for partially finished...
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    The Monsun Standard 2.4cc vintage model diesel engine

    Hi All, Just wanted to share a project I started in early October and finished just at the new years eve (or kind of finished as it is still in the breaking in stage, but running allready pretty nicely). This one is made according to the rare MotorBoys International plans that I happened to...
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    The restauration of a Nova 1 4,5 cc model diesel long stroke engine

    I made a original specs propeller for my Nova :) It is quite a big spoon to spin
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    Show off your HMEM stickers!

    I have one on the wall behind my benchtop mill
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    Aero Engine

    Who made that kit back in the days? Do you have any pictures. Interesting topic the P&W wasp Jr. It is like 75cc in 1/6 scale?
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    The restauration of a Nova 1 4,5 cc model diesel long stroke engine

    Hello Gerard, How did it go with the engine? Did you manage to restore the old Nova-1? It is a really sweet running and docile design. I built one last spring and like it a lot: regards Ollie
  9. Nova-1 model diesel engine first run 02052021

    Nova-1 model diesel engine first run 02052021

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    Model Engine Gas Tanks and Caps

    Beautiful tanks! Definately going to give tank making a try. Little hard to find thin walled brass tuging. I did order from china 30mm tube with 1mm wall but it will take some time to arrive again... I found one local supplier that has 30mm tube with 1,5mm wall, guess I could thin that out on a...
  11. Boll Aero 18 project

    Boll Aero 18 project

    Photos and video of my first model engine build.
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    Emco Maximat Super 11 w/mill

    wow, I had not seen a maximat super 11 clone before. It seems that south bend version has metric and inch dials and huge spindle bore. Also 3-phase motor with vfd allready installed is a huge plus. Also bigger MT spindle in the spindle and in the tailstock than the original had. Doesn't sound...
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    Another Boll Aero 1.8

    Hello Rodrigo! Nice to see you here aswell. You seem to have exactly same interests as I do, thats cool. My father and brother are also quite good guitarists and also like to build instruments as a hobby but for some reason i have not gotten into that. But I will also try my wings as a...