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    Building Kozo's New Shay locomotive

    Hi Crueby: Superb work, especially with Sherline equipment, which I have. I am an "off-and-on" model engine builder and post something here every year or two, some which has pushed the limits of Sherline stuff. Too lazy to add links, but Search should find them. I bought the Kozo New Shay...
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    Jan Ridders Engines

    Hi Frank: Many people here have built Jan Ridders' engines, especially the Stirlings (me included). If you search Ridders Stirling, you will find lots of threads. Searching Ridders only, will yield more than 500 hits, so happy reading! Jan's plans are really good and I am sure you will find...
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    How do you make your springs?

    Hi Bovine: Good thread here started by Deanofid from a couple of years ago: I posted about a winder I made which works really well. If you search "winder" you will find several other threads with good ideas and tools similar...
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    what home made machines have you made?

    It's just a little thing, but makes great springs. It was modified after drawings by by Dwight Giles in Model Engine Builder Magazine March-April 2007 I use it on a Sherline lathe, QCTP and suitable mandrel together with the thread cutting...
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    Upshur twin

    Nicely done Catminer, it runs really well. I have heard that the Upshur twins are fairly cranky to run but your seems to purr along just beautifully. I built one about 3 years ago as a 'beginner project", but I have never tried to run it. Here is the old thread...
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    Jan Ridders Stirling Bas underway

    Nicely done! Wow, it sure clips along - makes mine seem like a Model T ;D Best regards, Mati
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    Yet Another Stirling: Jan Ridders Bas Finally Done

    Many thanks for the kind comments. It is particularly gratifying to hear from the designer, Jan Ridders, whose excellent drawings greatly facilitated the build. We owe him a debt of gratitude for generously sharing his time and effort. Best regards, Mati
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    Yet Another Stirling: Jan Ridders Bas Finally Done

    Thanks, Kevin. Yep, the Ni-Al bronze almost brought the little Sherline to its knees but we licked it ;D It does take a nice polish though. The "brass" base to the main pedestal was also a surprise. I didn't have any 360 that large, but remembered some 0.25 "brass" plate that had been lying...
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    Yet Another Stirling: Jan Ridders Bas Finally Done

    Thanks for the comments. John, the brass ring has an L-shaped cross section and is held on with some silicone sealant. Andrew, here is the crappy video - hope to make a better one sometime.
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    Yet Another Stirling: Jan Ridders Bas Finally Done

    Just before Christmas last year, I saw Kustomkb's Bas build and got the plans from Jan Ridders. What was to have been a "Christmas Holiday" project took some time but it is finally done! I followed Jan's excellent drawings fairly closely, making only minor changes as available materials...
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    A Stirling Experience

    Nice work, Richard! I have just finished my Ridders Bas and am doing final polishing and fitting and will be assembling it for testing in the next few days. Thanks for all the tips should I have problems. I suspect my displacement bushing may be a bit loose - will see how it turns out...
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    My version of Jan's "Bas Sterling"

    Thanks John, I'll keep that in mind. I generally work on the engine on weekends, so a few weeks hopefully will get it done. Mati
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    My version of Jan's "Bas Sterling"

    Nice work! My build is behind schedule but at about 80% so I hope to post soon. Just in case I have some problems when it comes time to fire it up, where exactly was the leak in yours? Best regards, Mati
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    Jan Ridder vacuum reply

    I requested plans for the Bas engine before Christmas and received them very promptly (next morning as I recall) together with advice on building the engine. Mati
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    Jan Ridders "Stirling Bas" Tea-candle stirling

    Nice work, Shred. I'm just starting one. Santa (kustomkb) dropped off a lovely slug of brass for the flywheel, test tubes and O-rings last week; I have the rest in stock, I think, so I'm hoping to make good progress over the holidays. I'm learning to use Alibre Design at the same time which is...