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    2 cycle rotary valve engine

    More than you wanted to know about fuel for model diesel engines. Lohring Miller
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    Which O-Ring for piston ring?

    Has anyone considered these seals? The bronze filled ones are good to 575 degrees F. Lohring Miller
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    Rotary engine question (not monosaupape)

    Below is a cross section of the BR2. I have some more detailed drawings of the magneto drive area. The engine lubrication was a total loss system with oil fed into the crankshaft and eventually left from the unsealed cam box after lubricating the cams and tappets (#35). Some may also leak...
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    Simple 2 stroke plans

    Some simple engines as well as a lot of other information is available at the model engine news site. Look under the engines index; projects tab. I think the EZ engines series would be good. Stick with glow engines. Diesel engines can easily be converted. The Little Dragon plans are in the...
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    To ring or not to ring

    Unfortunately, the model engine news site has died. There's a ton of engine building information there. You can still access it through Wayback Machine Take a look at Model Engine Development under the engines tab. An even better reference for beginners is Building Model Engines that Run...
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    To ring or not to ring

    cast iron in mild steel is probably the easiest piston and sleeve system. The below suggests a cast iron liner but will work for a steel liner as well. Be sure to clean the lapping compound off very thoroughly. Lohring Miller...
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    MP5 Glow engine

    Cast iron pistons in steel cylinders were once the most common model engine materials. The engines that come to mind are the Fox 35 and their combat specials. Others were the early OS Max engines. I think it's still a combination that's easiest to lap into a good fit for model engines...
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    MP5 Glow engine

    Very nice. What materials did you use for the piston and sleeve? Lohring Miller
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    Bugatti straight 8 cylinder with blower, design, 3D printed molds, castings , machining, assembly

    It's been done in 1/4 scale. See Bugatti Typ 50 1/4 Scale model Lohring Miller
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    COVID-19 Coronavirus Disease

    It's a good time to work on projects. I've been 3D printing face shields for my office where they're still seeing emergency patients with a few of my younger employees. I started to print masks for my wife's adult foster home workers to protect the patients as well. However, the bed...
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    COVID-19 Coronavirus Disease

    As a dentist in an age range where the fatality rate is between 9 and 10%, I have stopped seeing patients as of now. My office, staffed by younger people, will remain open. We will be screening the forehead temperature of everyone, staff and patients, at the door. It's a crude and inaccurate...
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    which engine to buy/make to run generator for rc ?

    Like I said, these engines are for 1 to 2 meter boats. You can consider the 20 cc Zenoah, but that's still a little big. Our race boats in the 1/2 meter sizes run 7.5 cc engines. Again, what performance are you looking for? Electric drives are much more suitable for this size low speed...
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    which engine to buy/make to run generator for rc ?

    You can get a lot more than 1 or 2 hp from a marine Zenoah, especially if you run a tuned pipe. The Chung Yang is a less expensive alternative. See The standard belt start attachment...
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    which engine to buy/make to run generator for rc ?

    What size boat are you thinking about? How fast do you want to go? I would pick an industrial weedeater type engine for a 1 to 2 meter long boat. There are lots of commercial hulls and engines available. Lohring Miller