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    270 Offy

    It's pure speculation but I'd imagine that the shape of a top fuel con rod has more to do with column strength, they're running around 6000 psi cylinder pressure and at $1500 for a set of eight rods I doubt changing the forging dies to reduce the weight of a 900 gram rod would be much of an...
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    Squaring off the bottom of a blind hole

    If it is propeller shaft it's probably C46400 naval bronze/Tobin bronze, machinability rating is 30% of free machining brass. Turn it slow, use a sharp tool with no more than 5% top rake and don't let it rub or it will work harden. One cutting edge longer than the other for deep holes and don't...
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    Squaring off the bottom of a blind hole

    I'm not sure what the reason is but suspect that it's a combination of the tip of the drill expanding and the hole size decreasing because of thermal expansion, the hole would normally get larger but my experience is that if the part's significantly larger than the hole it decreases in size. If...
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    Squaring off the bottom of a blind hole

    Aluminum bronze is the same, I've had to drill 3/16 hole 6" deep in the stuff and can confirm that 'dubbing' like Ken I described isn't going to work where grinding one lip longer does.
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    Moving my lathe

    Not sure I'd consider myself an expert but if you're moving a machine in your pickup truck or on a trailer, don't put it straight onto the steel deck, put a piece of plywood or timbers under it and strap it down! Failing to strap it appropriately is not only dangerous but if for some reason the...
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    Squaring off the bottom of a blind hole

    FWIW, there are center cutting end mills, McMaster-Carr lists them up to 11 flute. McMaster-Carr but even a 4 flute isn't good at drilling more than about a 1/4 diameter deep and then using some care so a 4 flute is marginal at cleaning up the bottom of a drilled hole, even when drilled with a...
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    WTB 7 inch metal shaper, Atlas 7B, South bend or others

    I can verify that, I bought a turret mill and paid a rigger and told them specifically to bolt it on a skid made out of 4x4s, he used 1/2 inch carriage bolts and 1/2 inch steel strapping on a crappy old used skid, needless to say, the machine had damage when it arrived and it was an exercise in...
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    veterans day

    It's just like any safety rules, ignore them at your peril, the larger problem with ignoring the pandemic rules though, is that while you might survive you might give it to several people that don't.
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    ??? Making Setups

    Assuming the site is correct, here's what they say: Identifier jigsandfixtures00haasgoog Identifier-ark ark:/13960/t8rb7239fLccn 38014454 Openlibrary_edition OL6370621M Openlibrary_work OL191913W Pages 185 Possible copyright status NOT_IN_COPYRIGHT I'm not suggesting taking/stealing someone's...
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    Single Phase To Three Phase Rewind - Lathe Uprate

    Standard nominal system voltages in Canada: 120/240V 1~. mostly residential. This is what I have so I need a transformer to bring the voltage back down to 220 for the phase convertor and the 220V 3~ machines then back up for the CNCs using 575V 120/208V 3~ Y. Residential, apartment complexes...
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    Allis-Chalmers lathe

    Yes, a little more off topic but watching him pounding in nails with the mirror blank in a video shows how forgive the process is and yet, with care and persistence, be extremely precise. An interesting comment that he made, and it applies to model/miniature machining as well was that there is...
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    Zink Fire Pic

    The trick to drilling aluminum bronze is to make the lips of the drill slightly uneven length, that way it drills a little oversize and the drills don't seize in the holes.
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    Repair cast iron?

    I can't imagine the jaw being made out of cast iron, it basically has no tensile strength, it's probably a tool steel or at least a fairly high carbon machinery steel. Even if it's on a small lathe, imagine the excitement when the jaw breaks again, comes out part way and hits the lathe way while...
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    Allis-Chalmers lathe

    The funny part of all this is that after all the dicking around they'll probably make less out of the machine if they figure in the time they'll spend on the auction, someone has to do it and time is money.