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    Show Us Your Lathe

    Not entirely true. The 10EE was already in production before the war broke out. So it was already an off-the-shelf item. Yes, production did ramp up because of the war effort, as did ALL necessary machine production. But the war (and government) did not create the 10EE, it was already there and...
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    Inexpensive Parallel Set

    Damn, Rick. That's some difference!! I've ordered from Shars frequently. Gets here in 2 days versus the 5-7 days for everyone else. As for the quality, Shars stuff seems to be just a shade better than most. At least for everything I've ordered, they seem to get pretty good stuff even though...
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    2 Sets of Numbers on Imperial Screw Gauges

    Hey ant. I think that second number is the double-depth of thread, the depth of the thread on both sides of the thread section. Subtract it from the major diameter (outside) and it'll give you what the minor diameter should be. Useful when using a thread mic or wires when thread fit is important.
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    Scraped Tool Gift

    Nice one, Rick. I prefer a diamond dresser to those star/spur looking wheelie thingies.
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    Once upon a spacetime.

    The first thing that came to my mind was the LHC and search for the Higgs boson. And of course, SETI and dark matter and dark energy and string theory and quantum physics and ... All of which create more questions than answers. :)
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    DRO for knee mill

    Hi Dan, Welcome to HMEM. Sorry, I have no experience with the Grizzly product you mention. But I did get one of these 3-axis DRO from Shars in Chicago a few years ago: http://www.shars.com/product_categories/view/40602/Digital_Readouts It's made in China but it is one of the very few...
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    My new ride!!!

    Andrew, Nice car! I had the Golf's predecessor many year ago, a 1976 VW Rabbit (called Golf in Europe at the time). 1600cc carburetter motor. Ran like a scalded cat! Handled well, too. Like Ken said, understeers a bit till you get hard into a corner. Then the inside rear wheel comes off the...
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    rebush's shop

    Very nice shop, Roger! Wish I had all that space. But you seem to be missing some toys. Looks like you might be short a bike :)
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    Good one, Marv! Lucky you! I got to see the New Jersey in San Pedro back about '81 the last time they pulled her out of mothballs and refitted for the "modern" navy. Them's some big boats, that Iowa class! She was wet docked and floating, saw her from the sea as we headed into Long Beach...
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    A new addition to the family

    Congratulation Stew! Also to Mom and Dad!
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    Another New Toy

    Noise is good! Even if you miss, the perp will still dirty his diaper while he makes a new doorway for you! Good one, Rick. Beats my little J-frame Smith & Wesson :)
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    Getting the new Bridgeport into the Basement

    Hey! I remember that hill! Good job getting that beast down there. Also good that you managed it safely. You'll like the Bridgeport.
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    Need a Mill Vise, Kurt D40?

    Partly true, from what their web site says. The rough castings and billets are made off shore to their standards while the finish work and final details are done in the USA. I've had a Glacern on my short list for awhile but my current vise is serving me well, so I haven't ordered one (yet).
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    Has anyone noticed anything wrong with the site?

    I noticed a slow response a couple hours ago. Looked around and didn't see anything unusual, no hacks or anything like that. Though I did notice there seemed to be quite a heavy load (lots of query requests, meaning lots of traffic). Just recently (within the past half hour) the web server...
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    Congratulations Paolo! Enjoy it while you can. Now, get back to work (in the shop, of course) ;D