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    The best angle of camshaft

    Cam design is based on the shape that the cam is operating on the lifter, the amount of rise that is needed at the valve, and the duration of the opening of the valve. A cam with a roller lifter is going to have a different shape that the cam with a flat solid lifter. You need to figure out what...
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    Considering a 3 phase CNC small lathe - - - have 240V single phase

    If he only has to power a1 motor, no problem, but isf he has to power the whole machine off 3 phase a VFD WILL NOT WORK.
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    CNC controller

    The main problem I have with those Chinese controllers is that they have no option for tool change. and the manual is still written in a bad form of chinglish. I have a Sieg KX3 that is running under Mach3 with a Smoothstepper and it has been very reliable for me. I am hoping to soon be able to...
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    the Snow a tandem,double acting engine

    Put a smaller flywheel off to the side and put an air compressor on the end of the crankshaft. Years ago I saw a couple of them - one about 8 foot in diameter and the other about 10-12 foot in diameter and probably about 40 feet long. Air compressors out of a steel mill in Lackawana NY. 2...
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    Steam Engine Clearance

    Excessive headspace will use more steam everytime the piston reverses direction. The cylinder goes to very low pressure on exhaust and the cylinder must come up to pressure to move the piston the opposite direction. Any steam that fills the dead space is not doing work, it is just filling space...
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    Model generator build from scratch

    Anyone ever tried silicon steel?
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    CNC Sherline conversion from Linux to Windows

    I am using Windows 10 and Mach3 without any problem. I bought a small COOFUN PC and my mill came with a Ethernet Smoothstepper. That and a 2 port breakout board works great. Want to try Mach4, but that will have to wait for retirement in a couple years...
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    Many Edgar J. Westbury plans available

    Definately imterested.
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    Source for small fasteners in U.S.

    I recently found this site having small fasteners - Hardware - Machine Screws - Page 1 - orchidsound electronics - for example - 100 2-56x3/4 Phillips head screws $3.65. They have a nice collection of small inch and metric screws and nuts, all at very low prices. I have looke other places and...
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    CNC controller

    Poor GCode usage is not the only way to do it, but cheap systems use the many many line segment approach because it requires much less intelligence in the programing. Gcode is still limited to arcs in a plane, and the plane must be selected. The normal defalt is the XY-Plane. Spirals are...
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    VFD Wiring

    What horsepower is your lathe? The unit from Automation direct is probably sized on the small size, a size or 2 bigger might work better,. My employer sells WEG so some of what I am saying comes from some of the training I have been through. Depending on use, light, Standard or Heavy duty -...
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    HAAS VF2 Mill

    Ran a LeBlond TapeTurn lathe many years ago - had to take the motors apart and wash them out with electrical cleaner. 2 cans a motor. Lots of carbon, but they behaved afterwards.
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    LMS Sieg SC4 Popping My Ground Fault Interrupter

    You might try putting a couple of ferrite chokes on on the power cable. You are seeing induced noise on the ground wire.
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    Seeking Drawings for Yacht Signal Cannon

    I used to have a 5/8 bore cannon/ Used 150 grains of powder by volume. That is considerable more that a teaspoon. A teaspoon should be manageable without blowing out windows.