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    Many Edgar J. Westbury plans available

    Definately imterested.
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    Source for small fasteners in U.S.

    I recently found this site having small fasteners - Hardware - Machine Screws - Page 1 - orchidsound electronics - for example - 100 2-56x3/4 Phillips head screws $3.65. They have a nice collection of small inch and metric screws and nuts, all at very low prices. I have looke other places and...
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    CNC controller

    Poor GCode usage is not the only way to do it, but cheap systems use the many many line segment approach because it requires much less intelligence in the programing. Gcode is still limited to arcs in a plane, and the plane must be selected. The normal defalt is the XY-Plane. Spirals are...
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    VFD Wiring

    What horsepower is your lathe? The unit from Automation direct is probably sized on the small size, a size or 2 bigger might work better,. My employer sells WEG so some of what I am saying comes from some of the training I have been through. Depending on use, light, Standard or Heavy duty -...
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    HAAS VF2 Mill

    Ran a LeBlond TapeTurn lathe many years ago - had to take the motors apart and wash them out with electrical cleaner. 2 cans a motor. Lots of carbon, but they behaved afterwards.
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    LMS Sieg SC4 Popping My Ground Fault Interrupter

    You might try putting a couple of ferrite chokes on on the power cable. You are seeing induced noise on the ground wire.
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    Seeking Drawings for Yacht Signal Cannon

    I used to have a 5/8 bore cannon/ Used 150 grains of powder by volume. That is considerable more that a teaspoon. A teaspoon should be manageable without blowing out windows.
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    Upscaled Elmer's #5 as an IC?

    the impulse of combustion would be very hard on the gears and the pin between the conrod and the gear. Steam/Air has much less force, but over a longer time period.
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    Great coolant except its toxic

    Was this packaged or sold in California? EVERYTHING in California will kill you, even food...
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    Can Anyone Identify This Engine?

    Talking of Copyright. If you put conditions on the transfer of a copyrightable object - i.e. book - then copyright does not apply. If I sell you a book and put the condition on the sale that you cannot transfer, then you have voided any copyright protection. Copyright also comes with certain...
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    How much do you plan on running it?
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    Basic 2 stroke engine help

    Have you built a single cylinder 2 stroke? For a 3 cyl, you will be building 3 single cylinder units on a common crakshaft, each section must be sealed from the others and have its own induction port.
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    Proxxon CNC Mill and nccad9 software

    Can you tell uswhat G and M codes the machine accepts? And what CAD system you might have experience with?
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    2 Stroke engine simplicity

    If you add a blower and and injection unit, and there goes simplicity. Simple exhaust, transfer ports and crankshaft induction for the input port.
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    Turning square headed bolts

    Use round stock of sufficient size, get one of the square collet blocks and mill the square. Much easier to use squatre stock and use a square collet...