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    Hello from Fargo

    Hello Scottyp Welcome to the group. I am from Jamestown just west of you. I am retired now and spend time doing various diy projects and building small engines. I have a youtube channel where you can see what I'm up to. doc0455
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    Nickel plating my old zoomy pipes for the Little Demon

    I silver soldered them and after nickle plate you cannot see the solder at all. But I stress polish what you plan on plating and clean well before as even finger touches will show up. I found that the grease cleaner that Menards sells works the best even over Acetone. Your work amazes me your...
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    Longboy's "SIDE SHAFTER" Model Gas Engine.

    That is an interesting engine runs great. Very nice thanks for sharing!!
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    Fitting Oilite Bearings

    Exactly for bigger put on palm of hand plus use a non detergent oil preferably 30 weight.
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    Fitting Oilite Bearings

    Depends on size for small bushings just set on top the palm of your hand fill with oil then press on the opp side with your thumb untill you see the oil come out of the pores in the bushing. Use a non detergent oil.
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    Fitting Oilite Bearings

    My father-in-law had a motor,generator,altenator and started repair shop and worked with sintered bronze bushings a lot. Most times he would bore them but says reaming is perfectly fine. He says your reamer would have to be mighty dull to close up pores enough to hurt anything. Lapping with a...
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    Nickel plating my old zoomy pipes for the Little Demon

    I purchased the nickel on ebay and made my own solution. The real secret is everything you are plating needs to be super cleaned and then don't touch it at all before you plate it. The solution is super easy to make lots of videos out there I used the vinegar type solution.(made with vinegar)...
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    Nickel plating my old zoomy pipes for the Little Demon

    I nickel plated the copper pipes I made for my Mini Hog and they turned out pretty good.
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    Nickel plating my old zoomy pipes for the Little Demon

    Brass tube is what I used but you could use copper tube and then nickel plate and it would look the same. If I were to make them again I would go with copper I think that maybe a little easier to work with and like I said if you nickel plate them they would look the same.
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    help identifying aluminum alloy

    To me it looks as if someone pealed off the protective coating then put it back down and left it to corrode.
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    Coming up on 2 years still enjoying it!

    It is coming up on 2 years of retirement. They did an artical in the local paper right after I retired. Still not missing the old work scene!
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    First time designing sterling engine Looking for advice

    Well good luck and keep friction in mind use bearings where you can. Here is mt LTD running on some ice.
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    Demon V8 (multiplied 1.5)

    If it is like the manual one it goes forward about a half turn tthen back about a quarter turn. Kind of like a washing machine. I have a few manual crank ones.
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    Lathe info

    A friend of mine has one he seems happy with it. Mine is almost the same exact lathe there are a few differences mine is G4003 with the collet closer added his is the G4003g. I am also happy with mine.
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    Harold Hall's precision grinding table

    Here is my set up for sharpening end mills but you'll have to watch a video to see it sorry.