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    jib crane hoist swing boom planning and constructive advice

    If you have concrete pillar in a vertically compressed situation the last thing you want to do is apply a horizontal force to it. If you floor is of good substantial concrete construction it would be better to bolt a commercially available unit like this to that. But as stated time and time...
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    In my opinion brass is only good for ornament. The mechanical properties and wear resistance of phosphor bronzes are far superior to brass and for the sizes/amounts that are used in model engines the price difference is negligible.
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    Imperial R8 Collet sets

    You don't need to buy another set of collets because your metric set should cover all sizes through the range ie. 1-2mm, 2-3mm, 3-4mm, 4-5mm, etc, etc, up to whatever is your largest size is (mine is 20mm) therefor you have all imperial sizes up to 3/4" covered.
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    metric thread questions

    BA Threads are NOT Metric!!
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    Question of cleaning

    I've just bought a garden Blower/Vacuum for shop cleaning for £30 from Aldi, not tried it out yet but for 30 quid it aint goin to break the bank.
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    Gone as far as I can

    Over the last couple of years I have had 4 operations on my shoulder which although will never be 100% is a lot better than it was. I was never concerned regarding surgery and never will be if I need surgery in the future because if it needs cutting off or out you won't feel it and if it goes...
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    Max stroke for miniature engines

    I suppose it depends on what size (diameter) of grinding wheel that you are going to use?
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    Charity Shop Beam Engine.

    I think he's referring to your coping saw.
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    Hello from nores precison, inc.

    Looks like you 2 are the same person.
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    Charity Shop Beam Engine.

    Hi Tony, where do you get your shellac from? Great work by the way :thumbup::thumbup::thumbup:
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    Brass and super heated steam

    Brass should never be used for steam fitting as the zinc in it reacts with the steam (zincifies) and forms a white powdery crust on the brass and makes the metal porous and brittle, All steam fittings should be made from bronze or gunmetal containing no zinc.
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    Lathe Parting Tool - Hacksaw blade

    Isn't 12" to the foot Full Scale????? :wall::wall:
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    broken tap in aluminum cranckase

    You could try putting a couple of needles down the flutes and gently rotating the tap back and forth (with a pair of pliers) it works about 60% of the time but you must make sure that any bits of broken tap or swarf are blown out and use plenty of WD40. Remember gently does it. Good Luck! Paul.
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    Face Cutter Woes

    You would be better off with a cutter that used triangular inserts, look to me that the bottom has to little or no clearance angle at all and will be causing either chatter or rubbing resulting in poor finish.
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    Craftsman lathe

    It sounds like you've got hold of some Titanium there. Your tools will have to be razor sharp and slow your speed right down and plenty of coolant. Paul