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    COVID-19 Coronavirus Disease

    Managed to snag a pack of toilet paper yesterday! Things will get better but I feel they will be different. Cheers, Peter
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    Z-axis motor

    Impressive. I would be far to embarrassed to show my grease stained, coffee blotched notes that even I can't read. Well done. Cheers, Peter
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    Richard Trevithick's Dredger

    Videos like that make this hobby worthwhile, I can imagine the feeling of satisfaction you must experience every time you hear it chug away. Good one. Cheers, Peter.
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    Featured Build - November 2019

    Sounds as good as it looks and looks sensational. Cheers, Peter
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    Project of the month

    I agree with Cogsy.....but, taking the trouble to take photos, write the log and then post it only to attract almost no comments can be a bit soul destroying. I'm afraid that this forum has a lot of lookers that for reasons unknown do not want to contribute to the general discussion that a...
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    Bolton No.2 Mill Engine

    JC, that is really lovely work, I wish that my standard was as high. Thank you for the time and effort you have gone to in recording this build, sadly, comments are often hard to come by. Cheers, Peter.
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    Bolton No.2 Mill Engine

    Pretty sure this is all going to end well. Looking good, liked the way you set up both bearings and then reamed. Cheers, Peter
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    Machining aluminum and heat

    Personally, I think it's nerves. The more nervous I get the more certainty it will jam.
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    But that wouldn't apply to us, would it?
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    I think that most of us are of an age where we have the ability to set our own safety standards in our own workplaces. It's your shop and if you think using compressed air to clean is good, then that's OK by me. In my shed, I do what I think is necessary for a safe environment.
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    HI to ALL some pretty impressive engine projects here

    Looks like an old Rong Fu RF-30 to me.
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    Sherline CNC Mini Cam Grinder

    An introduction would be nice.
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    Poppin 150 Build

    So do I. Looks good to me.
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    Gerry's Beam Engine -Finally finished !

    Looks good. I made this engine a few years back out of aluminium but your choice of brass wins hands down. I confess I now prefer to build bigger engines as I find them easier. Well done. Cheers, Peter.
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    Mill Engine

    I agree with you. I'll swap them out for studs and nuts one day. Cheers, Peter