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    Steam oil questions

    hi we only put distilled water in our boilers and sewing machine oil is good for lubricating moving parts including cylinder bores until you have some steam oil. Come and visit us here for more info. http://modelsteam.myfreeforum.org/index.php
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    1936 hobbies SE4 Rebuild

    last june a friend purchased this from ebay he didnt know what it was but i recognised it as what was left of the largest of the hobbies engines of the 1930's made by the mamod company he had been very luck to pick it up for £100 he asked me if it was possible that i cold repair it and i...
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    New Member from Atlanta, GA

    whoops sorry i seem to have messed up on how too start a thread perhaps i'd better learn how to do that first
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    New Member from Atlanta, GA

    hi i have just joined you today after coming across this forum whilst searching google for information on the 3/4 inch case tractor. Collecting old toy steam engines is my hobby i have about 100 several awaiting restoration some already restored. i started with just basic clean and polishing...