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    Scale Model Nuts for Model Steam Engines

    Godshalls is the successor to American Model Engineering Supply for the scale nuts and bolts. These are a little on the expensive side, but are the best proportioned hardware for small engines and locomotives. I think they look a lot better than the BA hardware sold with Stuart models.
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    Little Kathy Plans

    Friends Models Yankee Shop has the original design and castings from Tiny Power. I just got the drawing set from them a week or two ago (and the castings). http://www.friendsmodels.com/stationaryengines/58x34vertical.html John
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    Single Phase To Three Phase Rewind - Lathe Uprate

    Thank God I'm retired from a company that built thousands and thousands of product with motors, and was able to bring home a few here and there that had a cosmetic ding or two. Life's too short to want to make something it's not into something you want, unless the effort floats your boat. Me...
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    Stuart beam engine 1980's parts list

    Now, now... Ours are real, they're just smaller...
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    Stuart beam engine 1980's parts list

    I have the BA hardware, plus BA taps and dies, but decided to use ANSI threads on my 50 plus year old set of Stuart Beam Engine castings. American ‘Model Engineering Supply’ hex head cap screws Model Hex Cap Screws - Brass - Screw Sizes 5-40, 6-32, 8-32, 10-32 have smaller heads compared to...
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    Autodesk Fusion 360 or other free software?

    DraftSight was free, but they blew that away this year. For just quicky CAD I'm using nanoCAD 5 (of course that means the Russians probably have all my computer mapped out but...) John
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    Autodesk Fusion 360 or other free software?

    Fusion 360, as retired hobbiest (free). Use for tool paths for my Tormach PCNC mill... John
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    Problems with Steel

    Check feeds and speeds for the size drill you use (just about all my holes are drilled on the Bridgeport, my import drill press is generally much too fast). Avoid cheap Chinese and Indian drills. Do not expect things like angle iron taken from bed frames to be 'mild steel'. Material with a...
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    Fusion 360 where's my dialog box gone

    Right click the Setup1 and select edit. I had a setup or two until this clicked in... John
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    Jaws for Buck chuck

    I also have a pile of useless (to me) chuck jaws, but need to know what yours look like to compare. (And ebay always has chuck jaws listed, but the same problem, they don't tell you the critical dimensions.) Also, Buck exists, but being a Hardinge company, you will have to dig deep...
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    Select 816 B Lathe Acquired

    To disassemble or re-assemble lathe spindles, don't beat on it but pull instead with a threaded bar and washers/spacers. Here's pulling spindle out of a 9" South Bend. Re-assemble in reverse order... John
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    Round Ram Bridgeport

    Odd spindle tapers can be worked with. I also have a 1951 Index 55 vertical mill that originally had a B&S #9 taper, Available but certainly not falling out of trees like R8! Wells-Index took my quill with spindle, checked out that the bearings were in good shape and ground an R8 into it. It...
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    BA thread form

    Thanks Charles. Should have read my Ian Bradley Screw Threads and Twist Drills! John
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    BA thread form

    While we are on the ME threads, are they 55 deg Whitworth or 60 deg??? I have pretty much a full set of taps and dies to 9/16. Mostly English but some US. Wondering if the English are 55 and the US 60 degrees. The US are not marked 'ME'. My current Stuart beam engine has 10-32 for 2BA, 5-40 for...
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    Round Ram Bridgeport

    I fiddled with a 1941 M Head s/n BH-663 for years, cleaned up the rust and grease but never did operate. When a nice late 1950's BP J head came up for sale with a equally nice South Bend 13", both very well tooled for $5K, SWMBO OK'd the purchase. Professional machinery movers got them safely up...