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    I Have a New Hero

    thanks for posting this rick, it was very moving...............i hope that we will see and hear more of them in the near future. chuck
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    Need a Mill Vise, Kurt D40?

    here is what i had to do to make my import vise work. http://www.homemodelenginemachinist.com/index.php?topic=16943.msg173012#msg173012 i would like to get a kurt vice but the mad money is all used up so i will have to wait. :( chuck
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    resurrected an old project 3 cylinder fairbanks (going to be a long build)

    thanks for all the kind words guys :) i just want to let you know that i have not abandoned this project like i have done in the past. i have not posted in a while because it my day job is unbelievably busy and i have not had any time to work on this model. i did get some work done and here it...
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    another frustrating thing is to make all the parts according to the drawings only to find out the drawings are wrong :o myself and a few other guys on here know all about the galloway drawings ::) chuck
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    4 stroke - 4 cylinder Boxster

    now that sir is one very cool little solenoid engine :bow: :bow: thanks for the video :) chuck
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    My first video

    very nice running engine and thanks for the video :) chuck p.s. as steve asked..........whats next??? ;D
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    resurrected an old project 3 cylinder fairbanks (going to be a long build)

    here is a video of the set up and boring of the cam journals http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b-E6ZqtwHoA&context=C4a59101ADvjVQa1PpcFOgbO3cT2hxIHX0W0RN7WFh187s8BML08w= and the gears ...
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    resurrected an old project 3 cylinder fairbanks (going to be a long build)

    well here we are 10 or 12 days latter and we finally have some thing to post about this project ;D the cam journals were bored about 5 or 6 years ago and they were in the wrong location, so i had to fix that and this is how i did it. first i had to re-bore the 2 outer cam journals in the right...
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    my 1st engine build, a PM Research 3B, on a Unimat db-200

    my dad gave me a unimat for christmas one year and to be honest i thought what can i do with this LITTLE machine?? well i soon found out it is a very handy machine for drilling very small holes (set up as a lath or a mill/drill press) and over the years it has served me well. if you want some...
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    Re: TB5 proposal

    any progress on this team build ?? chuck
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    viton o rings

    thanks for the replies guys. i ordered cast iron rings from otto engine works and they arrived here in 4 days. i figured since i have had no problems with cast rings in the past i would stick with what work's for me. thank you rick for the video, that engine sure run's good. chuck
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    what's it - finished?

    very nice little engine electric motor, i don't know what the correct term is but it sure is neat :o :o :o thanks for the video 8) chuck
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    video compression software ??

    thank you very much guys for the quick reply's , have just posted a video of my workshop and i used youtube. i hope it works ok. thanks again :bow: chuck
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    Video Shop Tour

    well after seeing some of these videos i don't really want to show my shop.............but what the hay ::) it is small and sorry guys but i didn't clean up one little bit :P some days it is clean and other days it look like it is worked in. enjoy...
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    video compression software ??

    ok guys i need help :-\ i am trying to post a video of my little shop and a short 4 to 6 minute video is huge............ about 130 megs. well to me thats huge. what i would like to know is there software to compress or shrink the file size so it is more user friendly?? thanks a bunch for any...