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    Hi from newbie in Alberta

    Hi Lindsay and welcome to the forum. I’m hoping winter stays like this until spring and then can get warmer. You may know all these places but here are a couple of useful links to local suppliers (local as in Edmonton southeast) you can check out are. Busy Bee Tools - Busy Bee Tools -...
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    Stanley Style Steamer

    For insolating the boiler I’d use refractory ceramic wool. I used it in my latest aluminum furnace build and the insulating capability is unbelievable. I have two layers of 1” between the hot face and the body of the furnace and at melting temperatures the outside gets hot, but you won’t burn...
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    Filament Splicer

    Thanks Andy Yep the case is printed. I lucked out when I built my printer that the CAD program I’ve been using for years exports STL files so zero learning curve on that end. I also found out that the only thing I hate more than flat square boxes for projects is cleaning out support material...
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    Filament Splicer

    Patience is a virtue but I’m having to be patient with so many things already with all the shut downs I decided that I didn’t want to wait for Canada Customs to decide if my IC sockets where safe to allow into the country. The last order I had coming from China was returned because the...
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    Filament Splicer

    Hi George thanks for stopping in. I used a 12v 40w heater cartridge and a 3940 100K NTC thermistor. Both are basic hot end replacement parts and I had some left over from a 3 pack I’d ordered when I built my printer. The heater is switched with an IFR640 MOSFET and the fan is just on a 2N2222a...
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    Filament Splicer

    Hi Andy I have to admit that it’s a bit of a solution to a problem that isn’t much of a problem. The only real practical use I can think of for it is to use up the left over short lengths at the end of a spool. But it’s kept me entertained and given me something to do for a couple of weeks...
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    Filament Splicer

    We’ve been in “social isolation” for going on a month and all the interesting stores are basically closed. It’s also been unseasonably cold and we still have about a foot of snow in the yard so I needed a project. The other day I was printing a new enclosure for my engraver and this was going...
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    Hello from New Brunswick, Canada

    Hi from Alberta. Welcome to the forum, I think you’ll find it a great place for inspiration and help with frustration. New Brunswick. Damn now I’m craving a good clam boil . . . . . and its winter . . . . and I’m 4000km away.
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    Software in the cloud

    Gordon I started out with a copy Generic CAD that came on 5 ¼ inch disks then upgraded to Gen CAD 6. When I bought a copy of Via CAD I think it took me about a year before I finally stopped using Gen CAD completely. It was a steep learning curve and I kept running into situations where I’d start...
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    Old School Sawmill Edger

    Very cool assembly (again) Brian. You’ve inspired me to give it a try and make my own gear reducer for a sand muller I’ve been thinking of building. If nothing else I guess I have 3 months of winter to play with the idea.
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    Foot Switch

    My printer is DIY so it came with NO manual and NO tech support. Hence I keep notes. https://www.homemodelenginemachinist.com/threads/3d-printer-build.30991/ I went through a good chunk of the 10m sample of PETG I bought getting things dialed in but the stuff is very durable and wear...
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    Foot Switch

    “hours?” I found the adapter on Thingiverse and thought it was a cool idea. Copy, paste, slice, print, done. Granted a flashlight can be replaced by a table lamp but when I already have supply, multimeter, scope, freq counter, function gen etc. probes running all over the bench the last thing I...
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    22 mm push buttons

    Try searching 22mm switch bezel
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    Foot Switch

    The place I get my filament from has 10m sample packets for $2.69 CAD. Great for when I want to try something without having to commit to buying an entire spool. PETG can get very stringy so ramp up the retraction and doesn’t work well with supports as EVERYTHING sticks. The way I work around it...
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    Foot Switch

    Cogsy, I’m not sure but I think that’s about the same return as I get on my savings, after the banks service charges.