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    hauling a small mill

    Judge this at your own risk, but ... 500 lbs. is not all that much. (Of course, drop it on your toe and you may beg to disagree!) I have moved machine tools in that weight range by backing the pickup to them, readying the bed with some layers of cardboard or such for padding, and tipping the...
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    Morse tape in lathe.

    As another data point, my L-00 nose lathe (Cincinnati TrayTop 12.5 x 30) also uses a 4.5 MT in the spindle.
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    1/20th Scale Burrell

    Ferric chloride works well, of course ... but there is a much-cheaper alternative that home-shop folks may be interested in. Two caveats: 1) this is much cheaper for me where I am - maybe not true elsewhere, and 2) I use this to etch printed circuit boards, i.e., copper - I believe it also works...
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    Werowance attempts Upshur Vertical Single

    Wow - runs and sounds great! Congratulations!
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    Yet Another Webster Begins

    Bob, is it still not opening with the revised valve cage? It shouldn't take much "suck" to get that valve to move. If it feels like it moves easily, I wouldn't drill the guide larger; I'd think about a lighter spring. But take my thoughts with a grain of salt - I have only a smidgeon of...
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    New ..

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    Yet Another Webster Begins

    In terms of the gas line, I used some from the auto parts store, as best I recall - I think it was made for a weed whacker.
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    Hello everybody!

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    Spur gear meshing question.

    I'm assuming you mean .8 module, not 8 module ... :) One of the advantages of involute gears over cycloidal gears is that involutes can tolerate less-than-perfect spacing.
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    Yet Another Webster Begins

    Bob, some thoughts & comments from my experience starting my Webster: 1) The obvious: do you have good compression? Does the intake valve "burp" when you turn it through the intake portion of the cycle? 2) Timing is a good thought - both exhaust and ignition. When I first attempted to start my...
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    Geared horizontal twin engine

    I've switched to using spiral point or spiral flute taps - the former is two-flute in the 10-24 size, and pushes chips ahead of itself (perfect for through holes); I'm not sure how many flutes the latter is - may only be two flutes - this type pulls the chips out. Both of these have improved my...
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    Geared horizontal twin engine

    As an aside, I find that I break more 10-24 taps than any other size. I asked about it on PM one time, and the consensus was that this size requires more torque per cross section than any other, due to the relatively coarse threads. 10-32 is so much easier to tap, so I've tried to switch over to...
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    Another new guy planning first engine

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    Werowance attempts Upshur Vertical Single

    Yes, I should have mentioned this - the point of having the larger diameter (.0625") hole in the fuel feed side was precisely to avoid having to drill that whole length in .040". I drilled the .0625" first, then just had a short ways to go with the .040" drill.
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    Werowance attempts Upshur Vertical Single

    Beautiful work!