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    Sold Rivett 608 front carriage and top part

    This is the front part of the carriage with the top slide holder on it. All gears on the front apron are in good shape. The threading half nut works as it should and is in fair shape. Plenty of life left in it. There is some surface rusting on the top of the top piece. I got some of it off...
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    For Sale Rivett 608 front part of carriage

    This is the front carriage from a Rivett 608 lathe. The serial number is 361 which dates it to 1935. This is from the same machine I have a headstock for sale from. The carriage is in overall good shape. All the gears on the backside are in great shape, so for those of you who have worn out...
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    Sold Rivett 608 headstock

    This is a headstock from a Rivett 608 serial number 361 which puts it as a 1935 machine. It is great shape. The bearings are smooth, the oilers both are there and work well, it has the reversing gear on it for the feed and it works perfectly. The back gear has both covers over the gears. The...