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  1. william_b_noble

    For Sale all sold indexing plates and misc parts for dividing heads, Part I

    A good friend and master machinist died a few years ago, I'm still trying to find homes for some items from his large collection of stuff. He taught me both somethign about machining, and to not be like him and let your stuff take over your life. So, here we have indexing plates and stuff - I...
  2. I

    Metal casting at home

    Hello all, I'm Igor. I'm new to this forum. I'm 25 years old and finally have some resources to start this hobby. I have a PLA 3d printer. I recently bought an Emco Unimat 3 mini lathe. I'm now building my own furnace with a steel container, refractory ceramic blanket, and plaster walls. I'm...
  3. O

    Unusual variations on two-stroke head design.

    I want to try a head design of my own. The base engine is a TP60 aero engine, two stroke, fixed head. I an going to convert in to a separate 4-stud head. I am looking to divide the combustion area up into 3 parts, based on a shaped trench containing the sparkplug, and two main squish collector...