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  1. E

    Jerry Howell Powerhouse 4 Cycle

    17, near 18 year old engine enthusiast here. I’m working on my second engine build (first internal combustion) — a horizontal, open crankshaft, 4 stroke ICE. The plans are Jerry Howell’s “Powerhouse” 4 cycle engine. I’m a relatively slow worker when it comes to this sort of project, so it could...
  2. Mburham

    Seeking help to get this Powerhouse over the last hurdle

    I am putting the finishing touches on a Jerry Howell powerhouse and I just can't seem to troubleshoot this thing effectively. I get good bounce back when the piston compresses the air, so I am inclined to think it is not valves. I had some issues with initial leaking around valve bodies, so I...
  3. RobConway

    Robs Howell V4

    So for someone who did machining in the 80's as part of an apprenticeship, built one steam engine in 2019, take on a Jerry Howell V4 ? Better not answer that as it is very optimistic / naive I will admit , especially when it seems every single tolerance is soo critical. I must be 150...