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  1. J

    Does anyone else write out your machining steps ahead of time? ML Midge Cylinder Head

    Im attaching my step by step process for machining the cylinder head of the ML Midge. Maybe Im too new but I really dont know how I could make it through the work without staying organized. Do these order of operations seem the best? Does anyone else have a write up like this for diesel...
  2. J

    when to drill holes in cylinder head for model airplane engines?

    Maybe its just up to the individual preference but I have seen a few articles describing the order of operations for machining cylinder fins. In some cases it looks like the holes used for bolting it down to the crankcase are put in after the fins are turned and sometimes its described as being...
  3. simonbirt

    Sealing cylinder liners

    I am building Seal 4 cylinder engine. I now need to install the cast iron cylinder liners into the aluminium block, they are a light press fit. Edgar Westbury suggests in the construction notes to use varnish to help them slide in and make a better seal between the water jacket and liner. This...
  4. M

    Cylinder head cutters for sale

    I have two .625 guide cutter vst20, .532 guide cutter vst170 for good shape no chips out.of them. For 75$ you pay shipping