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  1. Gavin1024

    Questions regarding drilling small holes, and runout.

    Hello! I have a Hamilton sensitive drill press (model A-M) that uses a JT1 tapered (<-- I think) jacobs chuck, and maxes out around 7k rpm. The runout from the shank of a 3mm bit is 0.08 - 0.1mm. The runout of the spindle just above the chuck is 0.01mm. As I said before, I'm not positive of the...
  2. M

    Sold 5c Metric collets

    I've been cleaning out the shop and have these. They are all extras to my other sets, so no need for me to keep them. They're all in pretty good shape. Some have some mill marks on top, but the insides are all good, no rust or galling inside. Sizes listed in the first picture. 26 in total...