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    Hot-Bulb Semi-Diesel Plans Wanted

    I have spent some time looking up info re hot bulb engines and there is not much about. There are a couple of links which you may find of interest: Hot Bulb and Glow Plug Difference | Model Engineer This article gives a good run down on the operation of the hot bulb engine. The next link...
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    Hot-Bulb Semi-Diesel Plans Wanted

    Steamchick Re gears What I thought would be a simple task has proven to be quite difficult re suppliers of suitable gears. I haven't been able to track down the US supplier but will keep looking as I will have it some where. The price delivered to Australia was $96 Aust and that was two and a...
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    Hot-Bulb Semi-Diesel Plans Wanted

    I will answer the questions as follows: The 2:1 gears used on my prototype were purchased out of the US and were of a very good quality. They had both types e.g. conventional square cut gears and the type I used. I will track down the supplier and advise. If you need square cut gears, there is...
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    Hot-Bulb Semi-Diesel Plans Wanted

    Model stationary diesel engine plans - a rare item indeed. It is not that difficult to build a self ignighting engine and model aero engines are a good example. Fine Hanson (Denmark) has built many fine examples however, he is not interested in sharing his designs or information. His engines are...
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    New CNC router

    Don Building a CNC router is not overly difficult however, you need to decide early on just what you intend to use it for and then design around that requirement. I built mine to machine everything from mild steel, aluminium, brass, plastic and I have also cut carbon fibre. I have included a...
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    Arduino Rotary Table for Dummies

    Going back several posts, if you shorted out one pole of the motor, then it should survive as the driver is current limited. If you shorted adjacent poles the outcome could be problematic and to work it out would take a little time via vector anylises. I suppect that this is the case and you...
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    Mini diesel engine.

    Minh I have been following your post and noting the various comments which I think you will find useful. I will add to the discussion with my own experiences re building a true model diesel. Just over 2 years ago, I decided to attempt to build a true diesel e.g. one that runs on diesel and uses...
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    Fairbanks Morse R80

    Dave Firstly, thanks for responding with the head information including the CAD drawings. I think I will machine the critical parts and then tackle the head cooling and I think you are correct that the head studs pass through the water jacket. That was one of the things that I couldn't...
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    Fairbanks Morse R80

    Dave If you have a set of castings, you are very lucky as they are almost impossible to locate. However, if you wouldn't mind, a couple of photos of the head casting would be very helpfull. Seeing the casting I think would make the intent of the drawings clearer. My engine is all from bar...
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    Fairbanks Morse R80

    Thanks Dave, I will give him a try. Bruce W-S
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    Fairbanks Morse R80

    Off Center Thanks for the comment re the cylinder heads. In respect to the drawing, there are two large plugs which I didn't know what they were for and could well be to access the water cavity. If I had some original castings the situation would be much clearer however, you use what is...
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    Fairbanks Morse R80

    Dave Thanks for your responce and I have seen the photo previously. I have also had a lot of help from those folks. Head cooling in old engines is nothing new however, if there is someone out there who is familiar with the model their comments would be most appreciated. Bruce W-S
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    Fairbanks Morse R80

    I am progressing with the build of the Fairbanks - Morse three cylinder R80 engine. A number of these engines have been built over the years altho the castings are no longer available. I am building mine from bar stock which makes the build that more complex. I am at the stage of machining the...
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    Drafting linen

    This has brought back a few memories from when I was a drafting cadet around 1964. One of the tasks for the cadets was to update existing drawings with modifications. At that time we were making changes to an old power station built around 1920 or so and all of the drawings were done on linen...
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    True Diesel Engine

    Minh Thanh Here are a couple of photos of the injector. Bruce