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    Variable speed control for a small lathe

    A problem with this setup you get very little torque at low speed with a large diameter work piece in a lathe chuck.
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    Variable speed control for a small lathe

    I had a similar setup and changing gears from roughing cuts to a fine finish cuts a pain. So fitted a 24 Volt DC gear head motor with a Poly Vee belt to drive the lead screw. The motor speed is controlled with a PWM unit with a reverse switch. Ten years of use and so much easier to use the lathe...
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    Variable speed control for a small lathe

    "Just turning a knob on a VFD sounds sooo much better". Variable spindle speed with independent variable speed power feed lets you find the "Sweet Spot" for machining all materials. The development of VFD drives has come a long way since I first experienced them used in industry in the early...
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    Foot Switch

    bmac2 Quote "I’m not sure but I think that’s about the same return as I get on my savings, after the banks service charges." The enjoyment and experience cogsy has gained Priceless. Nothing gained from watching a pile of dollars bills growing can come anywhere near. Eric
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    Variable speed control for a small lathe

    Hi Shop Geezer " Prying the belts off to change speeds gets old real fast" Have you considered using an Eccentric or over centre belt tensioner on the motor to loosen the belts and just lift them between grooves. Loads of ideas posted that all require a considerable expense and modifications...
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    help building canopy protective shelter for car parking

    Consult with your local authority for the legal requirements before you commit to any progress first! The Nine Metre span will require a steel "I" beam, a Lattice Girder Beam or a Laminated Timber Beam. A column support post in the centre would be an alternative. Looking at the poplar trees in...
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    303 vs 416 stainless for valves

    Nimonic 80a used for the valves for a Velocette Venom over 60 years ago is still available. Well proven when a Velocette Venom did 2400 miles in 24 hours.
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    Qctp build ?s

    There is a shelf full of tool holders in my shop plus a couple of QCTP's . The Eccentric cam has a lift of 2 mm on a 50 diameter with the clearance dovetails varies a bit from 0.1 mm to 0.4 mm measured on the taper not with the plunger extended The taper on the cam is self locking to a Bronze...
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    tachometer, the easy way

    Nice and neat setup puts my " Heath Robinson" effort as rather antiquated. Diesel Engine Tachometer, 96 tooth disc fitted to spindle pulley, read with a Volvo ABS brake sensor, 12 volt power supply.
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    Beam engine

    Reading back through some of my previous replies this post came up. "could short sections of flexible hose be used to connect the rigid steam pipe to the swaying cylinder?" Use a hollowed piviot as the steam intake with packed gland like that piston rod packing on steam engines.
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    Should I buy this?

    Cross Pollination extends to my workshop I made a couple of tool holders for my "Home Brewed" tool post then the little buggers started to breed ended up with 26 of them. Now with a strict birth control regime in place so no more offspring.
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    Should I buy this?

    Very similar layout the problem I open several forums at once. I think it called cross pollination.
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    Should I buy this?

    Hi spend time making your own tooling and save your money for projects and models. There is many and varied designs for tool posts out there. After all this is the "Mad Modder" Forum with all opinions expressed, constructively criticised and debated.
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    Cast Iron Alternative?

    Hi Duct tape the vacuum cleaner nozzle as close to the cutting tool as possible to collect the chips . Good luck making cast iron rings you will need a good quality cast iron. Years ago we had lawn mower motor with a die cast alloy crank case and finned cylinder in one piece with a Chrome...
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    Horsepower pony or clydesdale horses

    Hi Dave I believe your question has been answered in many roundabout ways that 1 Clydesdale = 1 Horse Power but you knew this all along. In my distant past I had the pleasure and the pain of using a pair of Clydesdale Horses side by side and one in traces and one in heavy harness between the...