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    Not what was intended

    Then, there is the “walking”. end mill cutter. afterm a hard session, finding the cut, far too deep. o into the table. Collet insufficiently tightened on the cutter, and the cutter “grew” in length! In my tyro days, the Jacobs chuck loosened, or the mt3 without a drawbar led to...
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    $40 digital readout

    Kelly. Just a few thoughts. The imaging scales are priced well and I have had good service the last few years. I would highly recommend looking into Touch Dro as a way to achieve full DRO functionality at a reasonable cost. I built the MSP430 based unit and use a Samsung Tab 2 7”...
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    Does Anyone Weld Their Own Band Saw Blades?

    Scarfed and joint silver soldered is very good. Carefully done it produces an annealed area where it is joined!
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    Help tapping small threads, please

    ‘I’m on the verge of drilling and tapping the 50-some holes in my steam loco cylinder blocks. All 10-32. All are blind holes, but plenty of depth is available. good info here for the task. I am considering a tapping head for my mini mill. The reverse switch was plug and play. I have had...
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    Marie Estelle 2 1/2" scale

    safety! during my initial occupational therapy sessions, I mentioned my desire to get back at he workbench, and my therapist nearly lost her mind. " You can't use machine tools, that is dangerous. I took her out to my shop and when she saw the 9 inch south bend and she suggested rearranging...
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    Marie Estelle 2 1/2" scale

    Well, Life got interesting on me. I had a cerebral hemorrhage on the 26th of october of 2014. My Marie estelle project Has become a brain retraining exercise. So far, So good. i am making good progress on all fronts!! My colletion of construction articles is now complete, with progress...
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    "Minnie" traction engine

    Jason Thank you for the link!!!! That gets best link of the year KUDOS from me. Tausand Danke!!! twombo
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    Marie Estelle 2 1/2" scale

    Lets see if this works!
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    Marie Estelle 2 1/2" scale

    Tim I'm the top bidder on the auction so far. Thanks for the offer. Whatever the case, I would love to stay in touch. I have the construction notes compiled in a set of 4 PDFs that I keep on my iPad along with scans of the drawing set. Pretty handy tool because I can keep the whole...
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    New guy needing some advice

    Don't know that I have any advice but It's a heck of a concept I don't really see why you couldn't scale up the 2 1/2" Marie Estelle. I like Porters!! You are familiar with Ollie Johnson, right. How big are the wheels? The Maxi Lucky 7 was 3 3/4" scale... really not so much...
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    Marie Estelle 2 1/2" scale

    My First post I'm building a 2 1/2" scale Marie Estelle and I am gathering up copies of the original build articles from Live Steam magazine. I need the November 1985 copy which has part 2 of the build. I'm actually well past that a stage but I'm a little anal about the documentation. I...
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