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    Stephenson's Rocket--Working Model

    maybe you can place the drawings on GoogleDrive and send the link?
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    Threading a long rod and keeping it straight.

    You can also machine a short section and thread it, then reduce the next section and thread it, etc. Also watch the diameter of the rod - a very small reduction on the diameter makes a huge difference in the threading forces required.
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    Stephenson's Rocket--Working Model

    Hello Brian, Any chance I can get the solid models? I use Solidworks and it may be able to read the files. I am actually looking for a Mississippi Steamer to build, but this looks interesting. Minnie was a lot of fun (and work) to build but now getting bored...
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    A Flat Twin version of the Holly Buddy.

    Hello Ed, Any chance of getting the plans for this? I use Solidworks
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    Metric Minnie

    Metric Minnie
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    Mississippi Steam Boat

    Thanks Dave - I will have a look.
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    Mississippi Steam Boat

    Hello, does anyone have any idea where I can get plans for a model steamboat? I am also looking for plans for a rotary broach that I can build. Thank you.
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    Minnie 1" Scale Traction Engine - 1 year into build!

    Hello Geoff, Just to let you know that I have completed my boiler and pressure tested it successfully! Thanks for the tip on the solder types - this helped a LOT! I made my boiler stays out of bronze as a 4mm thread (5mm long), with a 1.3mm thick, 6mm diameter flange, then continued with a 12mm...
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    Minnie 1" Scale Traction Engine - 1 year into build!

    Thanks Geoff, I started my build about 6 months ago and have just had to restart the boiler due to too many leaks after trying to fix one small one! Thanks for the tip on the silver solder (higher temp for the firebox). My stay design was very similar to yours and worked very well. I had to...
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    Minnie 1" Scale Traction Engine - 1 year into build!

    Hi, Can you share some information on the type of silver solder you used, and on the stay bolt design? Great build so far! Looking forward to the next video.