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    Sandown MEX 2013 photos

    I saw the photo of that cam grinder and spoted that the size and shape of the cast iron base was very remenisant of an upside down portable Singer sewing machine . Was it?
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    What do the letters in circles mean?

    C means close fit, S = smooth, F= flat, B= braze or solder, P= press fit, L= loctite, MTP= model taper pipe, and last is a dash line meaning Packing.
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    Stewburner say's Hello finally!!

    My user name is stewburner, I'am a RETIRED navy cook that has been lurking about this site for a few years. I want to thank the trouble desk people ( groupbuilder) for the the prompt responce to my cry for help when I was some how logged off and could not for the life of me remember my password...
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    pickling solution

    Quite a while back when I was in the Navy we pickled brass and copper parts wth unsweetened bug juice ( kool aid ) that you could mix in any concentration so that we could clean that verdigres from fire hose fittings and anything else, including the ships bell . Lemon flavor worked best and...
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    Giant scale machining!

    If you read to the bottom of the text it say's that the photo's were taken from 1957-58 period.
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    Metal stock

    You can try Online metals , their physical location is 1138 west Ewing Seattle,wa. 98119 . On the southside of the ship canal just east of the Ballard bridge. They have a will call desk and a sales area where you can look before you buy, as well as pre-cut scrap bins of material to rummage...