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    Project of the Month - April 2016

    A very nice build and a great runner, Brian. Congratulations. Regards, Rudy
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    I Want This Saw

    Hank, I don't know if it's identical, but Little Machine Shop has one that looks a lot like it. Regards, Rudy
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    Reducing Mini-Mill Column Flex (and Column Y-Axis Alignment)

    clazman,I'm looking forward to the results of your analysis. Regards, Rudy
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    Reducing Mini-Mill Column Flex (and Column Y-Axis Alignment)

    Bison9, congratulations on your new mill. As for the 1/2" x 4" x 10" steel, here it is at Speedy Metals, you can buy it by the inch if you don't need a foot. Have fun, Rudy
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    Hit and miss RPM question

    Borna, here's a plot showing RPM versus time for an Upshur hit and miss model (.75" bore, 1.0" stroke, 3.5" flywheels) I built a few years ago. For this 20 second sample, average maximum speed (immediately after the engine fires) was 860 RPM. Average minimum speed (immediately before the...
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    Reducing Mini-Mill Column Flex (and Column Y-Axis Alignment)

    I'm glad you found the threads useful SwarfMuncher. Good luck with your project. Regards, Rudy
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    Hello from Oklahoma

    Welcome Fred. wEc1 Hope Santa rewards you with that rotary table. Don't forget we love pictures. Regards, Rudy
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    First engines

    Very nice work Randy. Thanks for sharing. Regards, Rudy
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    Hello from Wisconsin

    Welcome Randy. This is a great place to learn from some really friendly and talented folks, and from watching other beginners like us who share their work. Lots of us here with the same equipment you have too. And we love pictures. wEc1 Regards, Rudy
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    Howdy from Auburn California

    Welcome JP. This hobby will help you to stay young. Regards, Rudy
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    Milling 101

    Jeff, I'm a little late here, but I recall a similar topic a couple of years ago started by fixit about feed directions, coincidentally titled Milling 101. T70MkIII kindly submitted a diagram he used for reference. I printed it out and taped it to the head of my mill and refer to it any time...
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    Mini-Mill Spindle-Column Alignment

    Hello Goldigger. Yes, your bolts at the bottom of the column brace should help with the alignment of the column with the table, but not the spindle with the column. As far as 0.04mm mis-alignment being acceptable, you'll have to decide if trying to reduce that 0.04mm is worth the time and...
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    Mini-Mill Spindle-Column Alignment

    Hello Goldigger, yes, now I understand, thank you. That brass shim assortment is similar to what I found at a local hardware store. Always handy to have some around. As far as a precision test bar is concerned, I always thought one would be nice to have, but I haven't gotten to the point...
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    Mini-Mill Spindle-Column Alignment

    Hello Goldigger, hope your day has been a good one. I'm not sure I understand exactly what you're aligning now, and maybe I'm misunderstanding your axis references, so maybe a question or two before I give you my opinion. First, I think you are still working on aligning the spindle with the...
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    Wyvernish Build

    Following with interest Gus. Especially this built-up crankshaft. Regards, Rudy