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    If I may add my 2 cents on hand sharpening drill bit... I worked in a small machine job shop and was hungry for knowledge. At the time my boss would on occasion go to auctions and swap-meats looking for various items for the shop. On one of these adventures he came across a gentleman with a 3lbs...
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    New to machining all the toys no knowledge.

    There are a great deal of reference materials out there to be had. All of which anyone can draw on some of the techniques used and mold them into your own. I have to agree that you NEED to cut chips with a particular outcome in mind and like everyone does, struggle through the obstacle's you may...
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    ??? Making Setups

    If I may just add another perspective do this conundrum... Understanding the order of operations to produce the needed item is the most important process to achieve the accuracy one may want. Take the time to look at the item needed and try to understand what each feature is used for and how can...
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    Free ball bearings

    I too would like a few... Please contact me if any are left, rondog1960@msn.com Thank You Ron