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    Fusion 360 replacement

    Onshape claims to export in industry standard formats. Most CAM packages can then import these and turn out a tool path gcode. I'm new at it but I suspect that if the project was not too complicated I could import the file to FreeCAD and run it through the PATH workbench to produce gcode for...
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    COVID-19 Coronavirus Disease

    I farm. I sure am glad I don't need to spread manure during this.:eek:
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    Another Lathe Selection Thread

    i have a 7X14 Harbor Freight lathe. Even that length of bed is limiting with the tailstock which I use a lot. I have mine in my basement where I have a heated space for working in the winter. I also have an older (from about 30 years ago, bought new) 10X24 that I can use in our short summers...
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    3D Printer problems - Monoprice/Wanhao D6

    You may want to consider one of these combo setups. This one ships from Pomona, California and while I don't know where you live these might get to you way ahead of the one you ordered from Aliexpress...
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    Another Lathe Selection Thread

    I'd say start at the beginning. What experience do you have with a lathe? Do you have a grinder to make your own lathe bits from tool steel blanks? Although my first though is that you want a big lathe so it can handle big parts, along with that size comes danger. A small lathe will be...
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    CNCing a mini mill

    You are quite right, turning the motor generates electricity as I discovered when I pushed the table on my 3D printer back quickly. That caused the display screen to light up. No damage was discovered but I'm a little more careful at how fast I push the table back now. Turning it slowly keeps...
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    Tapered chuck staying in millshaft

    Find out why that drawbar doesn't screw in. It should. It may need a different diameter or different thread.
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    CNCing a mini mill

    Check out FreeCAD as a design program and bCNC for the CAM and driver for the CNC operation. There are other free CAD programs too with different ways of accomplishing the same thing. It may take some experimenting to find the CNC that fits with what you want to do.
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    Inteltech Super pro light 1000 Any help

    I've skimmed the owners manual and it appears that spindle speed control is an option that may not be present in your machine. Reread page 7 about the setup and the options that can be included to see if setting the spindle speed in software is available on your machine.
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    Arduino control for a 3” rotary table

    You probably only need ferrite beads on one or two wires but there is no way of knowing which wires need them so best to do all 8. If you are wrapping wires with aluminum foil you don't want to wrap all of them together. The signals the wires carry are digital, either on or off and the spikes...
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    Arduino control for a 3” rotary table

    Great idea. Instead of trying to fix a minor problem, go to a completely different system and learn all the problems that that system can also create.
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    Arduino control for a 3” rotary table

    3 feet of wire can make a pretty good antenna for picking up random signals. You might have better results if you use shielded wire for all connections to the Arduino. Quick way to find out is to use aluminum foil to wrap around the wires for shielding.
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    CNCing a mini mill

    Some people have good hand/eye coordination and find that a manual mill works best for them, especially when doing a "one off" project as CNC takes plenty of time for setup and from then on saves time as it repeats exactly so you get multiple products that are the same. Some of us have...
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    Rotary Table Alignment

    You just described tramming the head of the mill perfectly. Now you know what tram is and that your mill is in tram.
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    Interrupt Driven Rotary Table controller

    I'm no expert but two things come to mind for why a stepper motor makes noise and doesn't rotate. One is too fast of pulses and the motor can't keep up. The other is reversed leads on one of the coils so the motor steps one way and then tries to step back. I'd try reversing the polarity of...
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