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    Hardware store steam engine

    This Stirling engine is missing two important parts - a glass zylinder cap over the right hand end and the burner below . This is another Stirling engine Mr.Salas has made from an old hard disk drive clearly showing the missing parts. => Al's Steam Engines has many more of his wonderful...
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    Igaging products

    I had three of them on my mill, worked fine for a few years on the original batteries, then after having to change those (to quality ones) the electronics on all three started to empty the batteries in a few days. neither a new set nor other producers nor cheapos remedied the situation, so I...
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    3020 China mill ?s and issues.

    No, it just says CRONOS (producer?) and then follows up with Control/Files/SSet. Filetyp is .nc which is the next hurdle. Documentation is nil. Is this the only filetype or does it accept others too? Have to try the 'net... And how to convert .stl into .nc?
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    3020 China mill ?s and issues.

    Thank you for your advices, here are the images of the 1.8"controller which 1 chose over the 1"TFT- controller for better viewability - my eyes are a bit tired from 50 years programming and service. There is now even a 3.5"touch screen controller available, but -as you have mentioned- the...
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    3020 China mill ?s and issues.

    Leonardo, thank you so much! This is more than helpful! My old brain is no longer willing to take big jumps. So step by step I am getting along. And collect a bundle of information from all sides/sites.
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    3020 China mill ?s and issues.

    It was not the GrblPanel which was making the problem, but the TFT-controller. After unplugging the Grbl-settings came up and can be changed. When starting the panel anew it had the old settings again. Forgot the double-click... too. But at least I can now control the machine from the computer...
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    3020 China mill ?s and issues.

    I have just one problem - even after reading the documentation by gerrritv I cannot find where to input those $x data into GrblPanel. My CNC 3018 pro max is working just fine with the newer 1.8"TFT-controller , and I can jog all axes and start/stop the spindle and a running file. The machine...
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    3020 China mill ?s and issues.

    @Leonardo - a BIG thank you for showing WHERE to set those settings - the second panel did it. So I am - maybe - a step nearer to get our machine running.
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    New CNC router

    I can open it (Adobe Reader DC) after allowing 3D for the document. It is a bit too much left-centered, so zooming into details is not always possible as the part is leaving the frame. - found it - holding left AND right mouse button TOGETHER shifts the drawing wherever you want. Perfect! Thank you!
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    Mini Mill X/Y Tram and Gas Springs

    I can report that a one-sided gas strut with 150N -15kg(30lbs) and a stroke of 205mm(8") is enough AND allows to mount a DRO on the right side which is more important than the small tilting force - which by the way is eliminated as soon as you clamp the head for milling... This gas strut is a...
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    3020 China mill ?s and issues.

    a follow-up to my last post - - have you seen the first minute is all about installing the newest version of Java, but after that the whole Grbl-thing is explained in detail, like - setting connection port and Baud rate - activate homing - set home position - set start position - how to change...
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    3020 China mill ?s and issues.

    my understanding is that in the grbl-settings a change from $23=0 to $23=3 would effect a change from 'home top right' to 'home bottom left' - give it a try!
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    3020 China mill ?s and issues.

    try twisting the wires to the steppers and to the endstops - if this does nor help then go for shielding. if this was good for LAN then is must be as well for our steppers.
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    The Modular Tower Engine - a new, experimental design

    I have a somewhat fuzzy recollection of having heard/seen of real life airplane engines doing quite that - running the prop on the camshaft to keep keep the revs under 3500 - anybody con confirm this?
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    3d printed box for gear cutters

    Quite a lot of 'things' can be found on thingiverse.com (after a lenthy searching sometimes) such as 'parametric box'es. Most things are just toys or copies of copies but you can find diamonds in the sand too.