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    Coming up on 2 years still enjoying it!

    Motorman 1946 said "Never had the money or the time, family came first which is fine, but in many ways now I wish I had found the time, just a little, and started very modestly, because in reality it was 25 years wasted." Reminds me of the old cowboy who said "I spent 90% of my money on booze...
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    Cast an inline 4 engine block with plaster mold

    Thank you for being honest with your experiences. Some of our most important lessons are learned from failures. You taught every reader a very important lesson that will stay with them. Bill
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    Mitutoyo or Starrett?

    I am a firm believer in buying tools that fit your eyes, especially with micrometers in regard to how lines register. Some mics are very hard for me to read, others very easy. Some almost impossible. It is so bad that sometimes I have to measure a part with dial calipers in order to get a...
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    Enco 12X36 lathe

    I have had a 110 for over 20 years and has seen considerable use. An inexpensive but adequate lathe. Has not been troublesome and is not worn out. I would be lost without it. Its biggest shortcoming is the threaded spindle. As far as I am concerned, it has no hidden faults. I did manage to...
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    Can some one help me

    Brian, look at the Lenox "Diemaster" blades. Good quality and available in 1/4" width and tooth count from about 32 to 4. I tried them about 5 years ago and now that is now all I use. The drawback being that straight cuts are only as good as the operator. Bill
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    soft soldering question

    While getting leaded solder has not been a problem, I have found some big name brands found at "big box store" solder to be fit only for making fishing weights. It will melt and bead up, regardless of the prep and flux used. Just will not flow or "suck" into a joint. Some nonleaded solder...
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    Plastic safe threadlocker?

    How about putting the blue stuff on the screw, let it setup then assemble. Bill
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    Cutting small threads on a big lathe

    I lock the headstock, mount a die into its diestock, remove the dead center and use the tailstock ram (or drill chuck with the jaws retracted into the body) to force the die onto the part while turning the diestock by hand. The die is held square by the ram and self aligns, producing a good...
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    Oil or Grease--needle roller brg. lube

    Brian, no expert, but it seems to me if you add oil to the crankcase, might as well forget greasing the bearing. The oil will thin the grease, which will then run out with the oil and you are dependant upon a continuous supply of oil for the bearing. I think you would be better of with a seal...
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    gear cutting with hob

    I hobbed a 72 tooth gear using Gus's technique. It came out with too many teeth, so I adjusted the diameter, ending with 72 teeth. Hobbing two gears is child's play compared to making 72 gnashes, especially when I have no way to index the gear. Bill
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    WW2 Japanese engine

    It is not a Diesel, but the Holt engine in the link posted by Henry in post #13 is an awesome looking and running with terrific sound. It is even water cooled. Here is a video of one running. Bill
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    Fuel question

    You might want to read this before using acetylene fuel. By the way, how in the world can a fuel be too powerful?? Bill
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    Old Rockwell Delta Wood Metal Bandsaw

    Nah. You will just say to yourself, "This would job would really be a ***** if I was using the hacksaw". Bill
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    Custom tap

    Chuck - time to fess up. You needed the practice anyway. I made a 1/2-20 left hand tap in High School. As that was over 50 years ago, I think I should shut up and sit down. Bill
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    Silver braze/solder

    Well then, what are you doing? Welding? Or perhaps, just screwing around? Certainly not soldering. Bill
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