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    Monotube Flash Boiler Design

    Which means it has far less energy to transfer, you don't get anything for nothing here, your logic is indeed flawed and using something with a lower boiling point and a lower latent heat of vaporization has no advantage in this application, in fact there are significant disadvantages.
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    Melting aluminium sheet metal comparison.

    I donate my scrap and chips to a school, the teacher says he likes it because it's oil free and casts better than anything else he's had, it's all 6082, but there are many different grades of "Extruded" and referring to them all as one is not a smart move
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    pre drilling for holes

    I am endlessly amused by you, please do keep it up :D
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    pre drilling for holes

    The only relevance of that statement is that a reamer is not a drill.
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    pre drilling for holes

    10mm pilot for 11mm final? :D That's most of your problem right there, running it at 500rpm with 0.5mm engagement compounds the mistake as it will rip the edges off a drill bit more often than not, a 5mm pilot would be better. This is not a case of a drill fault, it's tool abuse ;-)
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    Myford's metal lathes

    Every ME with a Myford thinks his Sow's Ear is a Silk Purse, they're mostly over priced for what they are. Funny that, since as a breed MEs tend to be tighter than a gnat's chuff :D
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    Myford's metal lathes

    The conical Super 7 bearing system is also good for over 2000 rpm. ;-)
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    Soldering or brazing aluminium help

    Get a tube flaring kit or have it done professionally.
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    Myford's metal lathes

    It's an easily misunderstood system but the tapered Hydrodynamic bearing on the Super 7 spindle nose is very good and can deliver remarkable accuracy even by modern standards.
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    Myford's metal lathes

    I was at the Doncaster show, I kept expecting to see Tumbleweed roll across the hall! If they weren't the "Big Bore" they weren't "New", the base price for the new big bore is over double that! ;-) Add to that the fact that the "Big Bore" has a very disappointing headstock through capacity of...
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    Myford's metal lathes
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    Myford S7 Chuck Lock

    It is, with a collet chuck on a back plate it gives you capacity up to and over the standard Myford spindle capacity, I use ER40 which gives me capacity up to and above my custom Super 7 30.5mm through capacity. It's good when a man knows his limitations, even when he falsely foists them upon...
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    Who makes the best small drill bits?

    I buy from a commercial tooling supplier who supplies machine shops, they don't carry anything but good quality.
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    Interpreting Cutting Speed Tables

    I have CBN Welcome to reality............... :D
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    VFD Wiring

    Buy based on quality and support, you'll actually be better off in the long run. I just had a Siemens Micromaster Vector VFD fail, it's about 20 years old and was ex-industrial when I bought it about 15 years ago, Siemens still offer all the documentation for it in good, clear, comprehensive...