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    pre drilling for holes

    I am endlessly amused by you, please do keep it up :D
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    pre drilling for holes

    The only relevance of that statement is that a reamer is not a drill.
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    pre drilling for holes

    10mm pilot for 11mm final? :D That's most of your problem right there, running it at 500rpm with 0.5mm engagement compounds the mistake as it will rip the edges off a drill bit more often than not, a 5mm pilot would be better. This is not a case of a drill fault, it's tool abuse ;-)
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    Myford's metal lathes

    Every ME with a Myford thinks his Sow's Ear is a Silk Purse, they're mostly over priced for what they are. Funny that, since as a breed MEs tend to be tighter than a gnat's chuff :D
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    Myford's metal lathes

    The conical Super 7 bearing system is also good for over 2000 rpm. ;-)
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    Soldering or brazing aluminium help

    Get a tube flaring kit or have it done professionally.
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    Myford's metal lathes

    It's an easily misunderstood system but the tapered Hydrodynamic bearing on the Super 7 spindle nose is very good and can deliver remarkable accuracy even by modern standards.
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    Myford's metal lathes

    I was at the Doncaster show, I kept expecting to see Tumbleweed roll across the hall! If they weren't the "Big Bore" they weren't "New", the base price for the new big bore is over double that! ;-) Add to that the fact that the "Big Bore" has a very disappointing headstock through capacity of...
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    Myford's metal lathes
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    Myford S7 Chuck Lock

    It is, with a collet chuck on a back plate it gives you capacity up to and over the standard Myford spindle capacity, I use ER40 which gives me capacity up to and above my custom Super 7 30.5mm through capacity. It's good when a man knows his limitations, even when he falsely foists them upon...
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    Who makes the best small drill bits?

    I buy from a commercial tooling supplier who supplies machine shops, they don't carry anything but good quality.
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    Interpreting Cutting Speed Tables

    I have CBN Welcome to reality............... :D
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    VFD Wiring

    Buy based on quality and support, you'll actually be better off in the long run. I just had a Siemens Micromaster Vector VFD fail, it's about 20 years old and was ex-industrial when I bought it about 15 years ago, Siemens still offer all the documentation for it in good, clear, comprehensive...
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    Making a circlip

    How long is the gear? I've seen split spring steel rings which can be manipulated over/past large items on a shaft, think "Slightly less than one turn of a Slinky", you can get such a thing in nearly anywhere and your only critical dimensions are then ring OD and thickness.
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    Making a circlip

    That looks like there is no groove for a circlip?