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    Selecting a first engine to build.

    Try a Bol Aero 18 diesel, I learned a huge amount from the built and then moved to a Vega V twin on the path to a Howell V4
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    Z-axis motor

    Hi, I used a NEMA34 motor with 2505 ballscrew on my BF30. The head is counter balanced to retain 20 - 30kg of downward weight. I think the motor is 12Nm running at 42V with a Gecko driver. The Z speed is limited to 20in/min to give chance catching mistakes before they cost a tool or a part The...
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    lathe chuck back plate

    Probably not the best material as it will wear and loose register with spindle nose, cast iron or steel would be better.
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    3 pcs Electronic hand wheel encoders to Audurino uno ?

    Hi, Try Linuxcnc and link the analogue controls to the motor drives via the HAL. I built my own pendant drive for four axes using the resources and helpful forum. Good luck with your project.
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    from scratch cnc ?s

    Hi +1 for fusion360 I use Linuxcnc for the controller. I bought an Optimum BF30 mill and converted it to ballscrews. Nice thing about this mill is that there is a factory CNC kit available so there's already clearance under the table for the ball nuts. My build is here...
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