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    Fusion 360 replacement

    It was nothing personal. As a professional engineer, I try to choose the best tools for the job, regardless of the brand, be that Windows, Linux or OSX. I can't understand why anyone would refuse to use a particular brand. I know, I know, there's no law against it!
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    Fusion 360 replacement

    BTW, if you really can't overcome your hatred of Windows, you can run Fusion 360 in Apple OSX. That assumes you don't a similar hatred of OSX of course! Onshape was in public beta testing way before Fusion hit the scene (I was involved with it at that stage) but as noted, you have to pay full...
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    Thoughts on a Shizuoka Model AN-S

    Let us know how / when you get on!
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    Thoughts on a Shizuoka Model AN-S

    I don't know anything about the Supermax and presumably they have made various sizes of models over the years. But it sounds as if the one you are looking at is a little bigger than a BP but smaller than the Shiz. If it comes with a load of tooling, that could be useful, as I've found 30 taper...
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    Thoughts on a Shizuoka Model AN-S

    Here's a section view of the head. It's the most complex(?) part but in fact isn't very difficult to navigate. Shiz Head Section View by Muzzer posted Jan 25, 2020 at 11:32 AM
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    Thoughts on a Shizuoka Model AN-S

    Hi GJ These machines were built in the factory as high end (at the time) CNC machines but were supplied without any motors or electronics apart from the spindle motor. Technically, mine's an AN-SB which differs slightly from the more common AN-S in having a fixed ram (no horizontal movement of...
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    Z-axis motor

    Encoder feedback isn't designed to compensate for missing steps, so much as achieving fast and accurate positioning. If you are missing steps you have a serious problem with your system. How many controllers actually have inputs for linear encoders to be used for positional feedback - can you...
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    Linuxcnc to Mach3

    Wow, so you had a perfectly good, functional machine running LinuxCNC and ripped out the controller so that you don't have to "learn Linux". Interesting. So now you have to rewire and reconfigure it all over again. Is it too late to revert to how it was or have you now corrupted the installation?
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    Mechanical And Metal Trades Handbook (Tabellenbuch Metall)

    Another source for drawings and CAD files is McMaster Carr even if you don't live in the US. Most parts (including pulleys) can be downloaded as 2D drawings or 3D CAD models (for most CAD packages). You don't need to register for any of this. Once you've drilled down to...