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    Build my own milling machine

    LOL... You are right on all fronts.... Fun to make, hard to make stiff, lots of negativity.... and, in this forum, most people will bend over backwards to say, "that is awesome", "good job", "wow... looks really nice... congratulations!" It is the reinforcement that counteracts the rolling of...
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    Emco Maximat Super 11 w/mill

    Congratulations.... You will enjoy the machine. I really liked mine when I had it; it is one of the things that I regret having sold, although I ended up with a very nice machine too.
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    WTB 7 inch metal shaper, Atlas 7B, South bend or others

    Wow. Don't get many people interested in shapers, it seems... I think they are kind of cool though. I bought a 7" SB for a friend at a school auction. A year later, he gave it to me because he got another with a stand. I eventually found a cabinet too and repainted the unit (was actually in...
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    Elliot, That is awesome! And, it is great to have younger (ish) people getting into the hobby. It is gratifying that XBox isn't winning with everyone! You should take a look at some of the plans people have made too. I'm not singling him out as the only entity, but George Britnel has a good...
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    Dynamotive merlin castings

    NM on my other post.... clearly you found the thread I was thinking about... LOL. Funny though. I was partially right in that the Merlin was here. I didn't realize it was something that referenced an eBay listing though. But, in some ways, this might still work out for you. Although the...
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    some of those V12 castings were floating around a while ago. Those are incredibly expensive but oh soooo cool. I don't think I'd have the guts to ever do one. Anyhow, I'm not really sure they sold. Search in this forum... I think I saw them here, but I'm not 100% sure. You do have good...
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    Yeah, I was kind of coming at it from the same viewpoint, Mark. That said, "from castings" would be fun too, I suppose... Just don't screw up! I bought George's plans and they are very complete and well done. I agree with you on their quality.... As for the Cole's casting sale.... Those were...
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    Emco Maximat Super 11 w/mill

    The 11 is not exactly a large lathe, but it isn't small either. My personal opinion is that you would have to have a *really* accepting spouse to get agreement on moving a Super 11 into the house! My wife is pretty generous with my odd requests, but I know her limits. I'd *never* get that guy...
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    I's actually quite interesting. I thought Mike's price was way too high, but I guess I'm missing something. I bought a Gypsy engine kit for less than the Holt, which is the highest price I've ever paid for a casting kit, and I thought that was on the high end. So, I'm kind of curious.... What...
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    Emco Maximat Super 11 w/mill

    I had one just like that. I really liked it. I've no idea how much it is worth now, but I can tell you that Hardinge HLVH lathes have dropped a lot. I'd rather have that than the Super 11, and an HLVH can be had for 3-5K. The milling head on the back of the bed is a mixed bag. Although you...
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    1/3 Scale Case Steam engine

    My God! That guy is a beast!!! But, it is very very cool. I think you can literally plow your fields with this guy. :) Nicely done.
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    Wanted - Issue #20 - Model Engine Builder

    That is awesome that you are resolving the health considerations. Needless to say, that should always be the first priority... I am gratified to hear that you are ramping up the publication side again too! I look forward to more issues and continuing my subscription. Toni and you have always...
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    Wanted - Issue #20 - Model Engine Builder

    Mike.... Are you guys still publishing the magazine? I've still got one last one on my subscription (I believe), although that isn't a big deal. I'm more curious as to whether or not you have ceased active magazine development and are now just filling orders for back issues. One way or the...
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    Autodesk Fusion 360 or other free software?

    SomeSailor.... Sounds like you are probably, or were, a Boeing employee. They defend patent and trademark usage with 'vigor. Even ancient things that have been brought into their portfolio through acquisition, such as "P51 Mustang". It is amazing how much the company owns now. I do agree with...
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    D1-4 cam lock spindle??

    :( I'm sorry it didn't work out. That would have been a good starting point! I'd offer to bring it to you (or at least the UK), but I have *no* idea when I'm going to get there. My employer keeps threatening me that they want me to go there more, but right now we cannot even do...