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    castings for sale - All SOLD

    Joe is out of the hobby now, but I happen to know the answer to this one... :) It is/was the Chenery casting set for the E-113.
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    Complete Model Engineering Shop

    Cool. I'm glad all are happy. Nice sale, Jenny. Nice buy, Alex
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    Marks Holt 75

    I really like the way you made a faux casting (my term) look on this. It looks great! Can you give some specifics on the hot penetrating oil comment? Was this a bath or just rubbed in? I'm assuming a bath given the 'hot' comment, and if so, how long and what temperature? Thanks.
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    Chenery Gypsy

    I'd be curious to see how your build goes. I hope you detail it. I just bought a set of original Chenery castings (et al). It was really something to hold onto before I get a few other engines under my belt. But I've always loved the Gypsy from the SIC days (and, well, I like Chipmunks) so...
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    Bentley BR2

    I thought you sold that... In the other thread in this forum, it said as much. Did that fall through? I have to say that you have the coolest collection of kits. I think I'd love to go through your shop! Any chance you are in CAlifornia?
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    Dynamotive merlin castings

    Yeah, you are a UK person, however, so you probably hit the site. If you are stateside, you'll get and it isn't there. Only 6 hours left, though, so it is academic.... I have to say that those are some of the coolest castings I think I've ever seen. It sure is...
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    Solidworks for Mac?

    I never heard about the lawsuit aspect of this; that is interesting. However, whatever the terms were of that settlement, it appears as they are now moot. Draftsight has migrated to a paid model for everyone. This is actually the biggest concern I have with all software that you cannot...
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    Hodgson Radial parts FREE

    I was going to be a wise a$$ and say, "No! They didn't.... Oh, wait, that cessna guy got them!" ;) Yes, the sleeper bird misses the worm. The V8 looks nice.
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    Dynamotive merlin castings

    Steve... I had the same problem. Apparently it is restricted. Go to and then search with the item number or "Dynamotive merlin" and you'll see it.
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    Hodgson Radial parts FREE

    I'd say, "always the groomsman, never the groom" but, well, I'm going on 29 years of the latter so that one doesn't work (saying, not the wife... she is a keeper). :D .
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    Hodgson Radial parts FREE

    Argh. Beaten to the punch again! Have a Hodgson on my lathe now. Oh well... Thanks for the almost opportunity! :)
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    FREE: Corliss “Cylinder” casting, bronze/brass

    Argh! I missed it! :( Kudos on the offer though...
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    25 years of “Engineering in Miniature” magazine hard bound editions

    Well, if you amenable to lugging that along, please let me know. You may send me a PM with the weight and I can see if I can figure out reasonable shipping from the East Coast to California.... unless you are planning to then sail through the Panama Canal and hit San Francisco as a port of...
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    maximat v10

    I suspect you will have a hard time finding those switches. I've always been amazed at how seemingly generic electrical items become geo specific. Many IC chips are like that... Europe has certain preferred brands and types, and America has another. Sure, there are crossovers, but I definitely...