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    Craig list find

    " Ron Sher the inventor of the lathe .......... " from above! Henry Maudslay must be 'turning' in his grave. Mike
  2. Mike Whittome

    HMEM sticker!

    Angie, do you need funds for this? How will they be distributed? A magnetic version as suggested would be splendid.
  3. Mike Whittome

    HMEM sticker!

    Splendid idea. More strength to your elbow.
  4. Mike Whittome

    Fusion 360 replacement

    With what does one remove the GOO ???
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    Software in the cloud

    I have just face the same dilemma. My copy of Fusion 360 was shut down as elapsed. A bit of research showed that individual users with out a commercial motive could enjoy a free copy, which I went for. My files were immediately again available and I was able to update to the latest...