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    Nickel plating my old zoomy pipes for the Little Demon

    So I bent all the tube for my Snow Engine by filling the tubs with lead worked great, you need to make a set of bending dies once the tube was bent heat to melt the lead out. With out the lead I too had nothing but kinks. Years ago we used fine sand packed into copper tube to bend it for use...
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    Welcome to the form, it is great having a person with the gear manufacturing expertise to pick there brain when having problems with building gears.
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    I agree 100% if I didn't have my wood shop an metal shop I would go crazy, it is still too cool out to work in the yard and garden so having my shops has saved me.
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    AJ Reeves Steam Hammer

    So I have finished my Burnell Steam Trip Hammer see attached photo's. The Hammer works great and you definitely don't want to get your finger under it. It is a wicked tool now I just need to find a use for it, maybe cut the pressure down and use it for cracking walnuts. Mike
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    Fusion 360 replacement

    So I have tried Onshape and then you need a program that will post the file to G code so now you have two programs to do a single job. I have been using SurfCam since 1999 and it has served me will, the down side is the price of the yearly subscription which I offset by doing some jobs to help...
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    A 220v question

    Hello the 220 v single phase motor needs to come to a complete stop before you can reverses it if you just hit the reverse switch it will run the same direction that it was just running. Mike
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    Another Lathe Selection Thread

    Hello to all I have had my new 14 x 40 Grizzly lathe going on three months and I am very happy with it. Its very accurate and very solid. I would purchase again if I need to. The over all fit and finish of the machine is very good. I have done some pretty heavy work on it with zero problems...
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    Mitutoyo or Starrett?

    Well for years I have been purchasing used tools from estate sales, I like the older Brown and Sharp tools along with Starrett. I started out with a $50.00 purchase in 1965 and the tools all were Craftsman, used for years and have been updating ever since. You can go broke purchasing new...
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    Frisco Standard Gas Engine Build

    It is Shelf Pet Models I have build this engine and I will look for some photos to post. MF
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    Pacific Northwest

    Hello I live in Port Angeles and I know that there is a model steam club and track over in Kitsap not sure where or who to contact.
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    AJ Reeves Steam Hammer

    Hello I am presently building a Model Steam Hammer I purchased the castings from Brunell Models. So just a heads up the castings are pretty nice but the drawings are horrible. 80% of the dimensions missing and the ones that are there are wrong, so be ware. Mike
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    Snow engine thoughts

    Hello Jeff Thanks for the SnowCam drawing. I will try this out on my engine and let you know how it works out. Mike
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    Snow engine thoughts

    Hi Jeff Could you post a drawing of your new cam profile. Mike
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    Snow engine thoughts

    So When I built my Snow engine I used a spit coupler threaded with LH/RH threads this allowed to adjust the stroke of each piston, the nut has two allen head screws to lock once the stroke is set. The piston rods are 1045 chrome hydraulic piston rod material. Cylinder liners are cast iron with...
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    Lathe info

    So just update you all I have purchased the Grizzly 14 x 40 Gun Lathe have it in shop all setup and running. I am very pleased with the machine it is put together very well and runs very smooth, so time will tell but so fare very pleased. Mike