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    First Boiler info

    I'm working on a series of kits. The boiler I built is It is currently hooked up to their #3 engine. I've got a #5 under construction right now.
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    PM Research #5 "coke bottle" steam engine

    Time for some "Help!" I'm working on the crankshaft. The casting is so rough that I smoothed it some on my bench grinder. Then, using a steady rest, I used my tool post grinder to grind a round section at the ends. After moving the steady rest to the ground area, I tried to use a center...
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    PM Research #5 "coke bottle" steam engine

    One thing I had been dreading was the "notch" in the valve guides. I finally bought a 90 degree carbide tipped router bit, which made that part of the machining easy.
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    PM Research #5 "coke bottle" steam engine

    Since it's gotten hot here in north central Texas, I've been spending time during the day working on another project - StevensAero SE5.a model airplane - I got the pulley and flywheel done. I did the pulley first and then had to make a longer mandrel...
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    PM Research #5 "coke bottle" steam engine

    Work has gotten in the way of machining much. I've done the small threaded rods and some nuts. I've also been experimenting on how to machine the head that the piston rod goes through. Almost ready to tackle it. I did get the valve done. The "bobble" in the corner of the underside...
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    PM Research #5 "coke bottle" steam engine

    Thanks for the explanation and very clear pictures. My crankshaft already has a spacer in the throw. P1050547 by McSummation posted May 27, 2018 at 3:04 AM According to my "cutting plan", it's several days until I'll do the crankshaft. I'll post my results when I get it done.
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    Steam chest cover
  8. P1050547


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    PM Research #5 "coke bottle" steam engine

    The piston specifies a 9/32" counterbore. Since a nut is going to sit on the bottom, it needs to be flat. I don't have a 9/32" end mill and my boring bar won't go into a small hole like that. So, I mounted my 1/4" end mill in a boring bar quick change, bored the correct depth, then moved the...
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    Using end mill like a boring bar
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    Completed piston
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    PM Research #5 "coke bottle" steam engine

    How did you do the crankshaft?
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    PM Research #5 "coke bottle" steam engine

    Got the Crank Bearing Caps drilled this morning. They were on the same casting with the Valve Chest Cover and Head: P1050541 by McSummation posted May 23, 2018 at 4:41 PM After much fussing around trying to hold the pieces such that I would not drill my vise, also: P1050542 by McSummation...
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    Casting holding Crank Bearing Caps, Valve Chest Cover, and Head
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    Crank Bearing Caps after drilling.