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    Mathematical question

    It's what She thinks that matters.
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    Cutting fluids

    I have misted both black cutting oil and Trim mist 77. I have no problems with either in a 16'x16' shop that is fairly tight. The black cutting oil is for a heavy duty slotting operation that is 3/8" deep x .052" wide in 303 stainless steel. The Trim mist is only used a couple of times a year...
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    Experimental Flash Steam and others

    Skill at using Google to search for information. Example- His Google-Fu is strong.
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    Thread repair

    Maybe those apples are to be used to make hard cider, they are harder You know.;)
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    Forums vs Facebook groups

    Facebook can get nasty with much misinformation.
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    SS Great Britian, 1843, 322feet, 1,000 HP steam with sail assist

    Tell Her some of Us watch it several times.
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    Model Engine Ignitions

    Years ago I built a high voltage coil from a Radio Shack (remember them) kit. It did improve the idle quality. I happened to brush My hand across a plug wire while the engine was idling and woke up laying on the ground.
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    Micrometer won't turn on

    We have a computer mouse that had the battery cover keep popping off now and then. Finally checked the batteries and one was slightly bigger ( used the MK1original issue eyeball). Replaced it and no problems. Quality must be slipping every where.
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    How to limit swarf into the chuck ?

    With 3 pinions, You can bias one against the others and reduce the runout of the chuck.
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    Help with used lathe Purchase!!!!

    No, looks like a 6"x12" Boyer Schultz only Mine is 8"x18". Cannot find a picture that might not be copy writed.
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    Help with used lathe Purchase!!!!

    As a off side comment, I have a MSC branded surface grinder and MSC denies its existance and no parts available. Something from another make might fit, but try to find them might be hard. Don't need anything.
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    Counterweighting with "heavy metal"

    The Arabian peninsula probably has them for the picking up.
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    boiler explosion. what not to do.

    Check out Engles Coach Shop, He makes and repairs buggys and wagons and such and bends wood. ok to delete if not allowed.
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    Calculating Hole Size For Odd Thread Sizes

    I struggle with Metric. (and computers.) It's just what a person is used to.;)
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    Cheap imported hit-miss engine

    MIL bought a new Ford Grenada. Rear bumper is crooked by 1/4". Many faults, beached in the barn with 28000 miles on it. She is fond of telling Me "Ford compared it to a Mercedes." You will not here Mercedes comparing itself to Ford. The only thing in common is They both have 4 tires.