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    Steam engine governor

    I just finished this one for a 1/4 scale steam tractor that I have that was once put out by a fellow named Tom Tearning. The governor used to be available as a set of rough castings, but that was long ago. I was able to obtain a copy of the drawings, so everything you see was made from scratch...
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    Elmer’s No.5 geared engine with the wrong gears.

    That is a truly unique and beautiful piece of work. Any chance you would be willing to publish the plans?
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    Using Vinegar to clean a boiler

    Thank you. Yes I had heard about using vinegar to sharpen a file. Never tried it but I do have some old files that could use some t.l.c. I think I'm going to purchase an endoscope which are surprisingly inexpensive. With it I should be able to get a good look inside the water side and go from...
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    Corliss type steam engine plans

    I have not built that particular Corliss. I did build the one that used to be offered by Coles Power Models. It was a fairly complex build, but if you approach it with the same method that you would eat an elephant, one piece at a time, you should be just fine.
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    Using Vinegar to clean a boiler

    I have recently acquired a small water tube boiler. I haven't had a chance to really get into it as far as doing an inspection, but I can only assume that it has been steamed without using any treatment to the feed water., so I am assuming that when I get into her, I'm probably going to find...
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    Little Kathy Steam Engine

    I think this is,a different engine. The Little Kathy that i am building has a piston valve, and is non reversable. I found our that it was offered by Tiny Power which is now part of Rappahannoc boat works. I'm contacting them to see if the drawings are available.
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    Little Kathy Steam Engine

    I started building this little engine about 15 years ago, and for one reason or another put it on the shelf. Trouble is that now i cant find the drawings, nor can i remember who sold it to me. Has anyone out there built this engine, and can you help me out with getting a set of drawings? Thank...
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    Beam Engine

    Very nice job
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    Snow engine

    As long as you have a way to take up the follower as needed, it should work just fine. If my smallest packing is too big for the application, i simply un braid it and twist the strands together to get the size needed.
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    Star Gasoline Engine

    Yes. It runs off from an eccentric which is on the camshaft.
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    Star Gasoline Engine

    Unfortunately im doing this from my phone and for some reason even though the pictures look right side up when I attach them, when they show up on the forum they are sideways. I dont have an option to turn them.
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    Watch "Model of a Star Gasoline Engine" on YouTube
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    Star Gasoline Engine

    I just completed a two year build of this engine. The castings were obtained from Debolt Machine. This kit was a joy to build and produced a real nice looking model which also runs like a swiss watch. I posted a video of it running on u-tube.
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    Milwaukee 2h vertical mill

    I have the same machine. Milwaukee 2HL. Mine was built in 1941, and also has the US navy insignia on the front of the knee. Mine weighs 3600 lbs, and takes 40 taper tool holders. I bought a set from enco several years ago and have no complaints. E-bay will also be a good place to look.
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