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    Scott Flamelicker (Vacuum Engine)

    Hi Don, Please refer to the very first post on this topic. Andrew
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    Thank you for all the hard work, time and effort you put into being a moderator here! Hopefully this means that the SB will be making chips sooner than expected!!!:D See you around the forums! Andrew
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    A Jan Ridders Duo

    Now that is cool Frazer!!! Congrats on a great runner!!!! Even though it is a double i am still counting it as a single engine!!! :big: Andrew
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    Clausing 8520 - Low range??

    th_wwp What collet system did you use Mosey? I am getting a bit tired of beating the bar... :big: Andrew
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    Clausing 8520 - Low range??

    Another option is to install a VFD and run the mill off the original 3 phase motor. That is how i have mine hooked up and i can get it from a few RPM's up to full speed with a twist of a knob. Lots of low down torque available. Andrew
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    1/4 Scale Rider-Ericsson Pumping Engine

    woohoo1 th_wav woohoo1 Awesome stuff Bill!! Hope you had agreat time with the family and kids! I am also off this week but have been busy taking my car back and forth to the dealer and am not too happy... Looking forward to the next update! Andrew
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    1/4 Scale Rider-Ericsson Pumping Engine

    Hi Bill, Great set of updates that i seem to have missed!!! Any news??? ;D Andrew
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    bedding down the lathe

    Cool! We will be waiting for the pics! ;D I made my own bench when i first brought the ML7 home. Thought it was rock solid till i turned the lathe on and it vibrated all over the place... If you are bored you can have a read through this post...
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    bedding down the lathe

    Hi Paul, Not being the foremost authority on this but it does sound like your bench is a bit on the flimsy side. Is it possible to upload some pics of the current setup? Just for chatting sake... I have my ML7 mounted on a 4 inch thick concrete slab. No movement there what so ever! I also...
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    Made my vise stop today !!

    I have seen a few of these being made over the past few months. Every one of them is slightly different. I like the threaded rod for fine adjustments! Thm: Andrew
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    Dot and Stews African Adventure

    Thanks Stew! I miss my home and these pics reminded me of the good times we used to have! I love the Baobab shot!! Andrew
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    Hit and Miss making ice cream!

    Hi All, I was at a Multi-Cultural show last weekend in Kitchener, great people and food!!! ;D When we neared the entrance i heard a sound... A very familiar sound, thanks to Catminer!! Anyway a guy had a John Deere Hit and Miss set up to churn ice cream, the old fashioned way!! It was very...
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    Poppin Double

    Will be following along Brock! ;D Love the look and sound of these engines. Andrew
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    July Project of the Month

    AMAZING!!!!! :bow: Everything just works together to form a complete package! Brilliant piece of timber too!! ;D Andrew
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    a bit off side

    Sweet!!!! Looking forward to the pictures Pete!! Just remember to throw a cover on the lathes and mills before starting to work with the brown stuff! ;D Andrew