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    Cast an inline 4 engine block with plaster mold

    What was the mold shrinkage % after curing and casting?
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    Gatling Gun

    Post the link to the video, please!!!! Beautiful work!!!
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    A Question about Generators

    This may help......or confuse the heck out of many ways to fry an egg you know.
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    some basic direction regarding boiler making

    Lets use the way back machine..........
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    some basic direction regarding boiler making

    I'll just add this to a reason never to use soft solder on a melts when the boiler (if the boiler) ever runs dry. The next run will probably not be without a few leaks at best.....or a catastrophic failure. Sorry if I seem to be a party pooper to soft soldered boilers, but a...
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    some basic direction regarding boiler making

    Google this, Model Boilers and Boiler Making.pdf It will give you a good start, and worth the $25 or so on Amazon
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    some basic direction regarding boiler making

    learn to silver solder.....PLEASE..... Its not worth the risk to soft solder a boiler, even if the intent is to run low pressure. It only takes one failure of a critical part to make a fun hobby into a trip to the hospital.
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    Astro Skeleton clock.

    Blasphemy......but imagine the time it would take via 3D printing.....
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    But what does it do?!?!? (Bring it on...)

    Easy....just I am not Lyrics I belong, a long way from here I put on a poncho and played for mosquitoes And drank 'till I was thirsty again We went searching, through thrift store jungles Found Geronimo's rifle, Marilyn's shampoo And Benny Goodman's cursive pen Well, okay, I made...
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    Hello from Hawaii-- Looking for some Mildura Experience

    That is a beautiful launch!!!! Well done, I would love to see a build log on that.
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    what does double acting mean?

    You got it....that's what it means
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    DraftSight users: help needed sorry about that
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    DraftSight users: help needed

    PDF Forge, free PDF creator I have used, it acts like an installed printer but makes PDF files for you
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    Junika - V Twin Boxer FS engine

    That is a very cool looking engine, nice work!!!