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    Stuart triple drawings

    We wait with bated breath to see the progress you make once you get the drawings! If nobody offers you a set, you can get them from Stuart Models 95145 Stuart Tripe Drawings (3 drawings) £41.50 Dave The Emerald Isle
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    Mery "explosive" engine run on propane

    Why not ask Roland Morrison, designer/supplier of the castings? Dave The Emerald Isle
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    Looks a bit like LBSC's Hiellan Lassie. Dave The Emerald Isle
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    Reusing scrap

    I also used to work in the offshore oil industry. I liberated many pieces of scrap metal, mostly non ferrous, but also steel bits that would come in handy; anything that would fit in my bag. Worn bronze valve stems, bumper sub spline bushings were always good. The best I ever got was a BOP wear...
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    Centering a cast flywheel

    A small addition to Ian's reply. When you set up the flywheel in the chuck, get the inside of the rim running as true as possible. You can always take a slight cleanup cut on the side of the hub to minimise any eccentricity when you are tready to bore the shaft hole. (Only the outside needs...
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    Chinese Hit and miss engine

    Over on the Smokstak forum, there is a long thread on the trials and tribulations of the Chinese hit n miss engine Dave The Emerald Isle
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    Machine Modification.

    Maybe not the cheapest, and a UK supplier, but you can get some ideas from Dave The Emerald Isle
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    Edison dynamo

    When I wound the coils on my dynamo, I Thought I had them wound like a horseshoe magnet as shown in Bluejets fig 1. There is only one layer of copper wire in the coils and the neo. magnets were to try and make up for the lack of coil layers. The magnets were placed in the bridge N down on...
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    Radial engine plans/kits

    If you want to run on glo plugs, also think about the electric power requirements for multiple plugs. This issue has been discussed in other topics (much) earlier on this forum. From memory it was concerning the use of Cox glo heads in multi cylinder applications. Dave The Emerald Isle
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    Wiring up an Parvalux sd21 motor HELP !!:)

    The original Unimat motor looked like a typical sewing machine motor. The later U3 lathes had motors double the power but were only rated at 50% duty (10 mins on, 10 mins off). So, if looking for a new motor for your SL, then consider getting a more powerful motor than original and one that has...
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    Wiring up an Parvalux sd21 motor HELP !!:)

    Attached is a wiring data sheet from Parvalux to help you. The capacitor you require is 2.5Mfd. I note that your SD21 motor has only a maximum power of 20 Watts (2800rpm version, 1400 rpm version is only 8 watts). I would have thought that this would not have been powerful enough to drive your...
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    HMEM will be having a software update later today

    Strange, but today I can log on normally! Dave The Emerald Isle
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    HMEM will be having a software update later today

    I use Pale Moon browser with Win 7. The only way I could log in was to click on Angie's name in a private window. If I went then back to the normal page, I had to log in again but couldn't, so here I am through the back door, so to speak from Angie's name. Dave The Emerald Isle
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    Cross slide bushes

    What you describe as a 'Bush' is known as a Gib Strip. It is used to remove play in (this case) the cross slide. The cross slide should have a number of set screws that bear against the gib strip that should be adjusted to remove sideways play, but not so tight as to prevent free movement of...
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    Rotary Switch wiring diagram

    Norman The file uploaded contains errors. Why I don't know 'cause the original file opens clearly on my laptop. If no one else comes up with the goods, let me have your email address and I'll send it directly to you. Dave The Emerald Isle