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    ENV aero engine project

    Amazing result after many years of “trials and tribulations” Steven! So nice to see and hear a successful conclusion to all your hard work and innovative processes. Through the incredible casting work on your Lynx and electroplating for the ENV you’ve set new and inspirational standards. Thank...
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    If you need one of these.

    Yes please Peter - carry on with your description and wiring diagrams for this approach to making a generator from reclaimed bits. I’m sure many would appreciate your insights and ideas. Although not a “scale model” the project in the photographs looks vey nice.
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    Old School Sawmill Edger

    Brian - have you checked the following vendor as a potential supplier? They are in the US but will ship USPS and I've had good service from them previously (no affiliation - just a customer). If not for this project they may be an option in the future ... theoringstore.com Charlie
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    Shipping US to Canada

    Steve - I must admire your tenacity and thank you for it. Too many other American vendors have just decided it was too much trouble and went with an exclusive, single source courier (like UPS) or simply stopped shipping beyond their border.
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    Shipping US to Canada

    Steve - although many do and get away with it ... don't ever "lie to the Queen". As a Canadian, I see the high cost of shipping and brokerage (if using a courier) as the issue, not the remote chance of paying duty on an item made in the US and shipped from the US. My recommendation is to...
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    Have you ever been here?

    End mills don't work so well after a hi/lo speed range change and forgeting to change the motor direction either
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    Silver Angel cam tool

    It may not be helpful but I'd recalled seeing photos of a fixture another fellow used to grind his cam ... I can't help with how it's used but I'm sure you can figure it out Brian.
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    Be Gentle it's my first time

    I think you are being too hard on yourself ... you stayed with it until the end and that's more than many would have done. It would be a shame to bin it. Keep it as a reference example of how much your talents have progressed over time. I enjoy grinning at my first "engine" when I've goofed...
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    Cirrus oil pipes

    No worries Bob. I'm glad the "brain pain" was temporary! Sometimes it's the tiniest little thing that brings to mind what we probably knew already. Charlie
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    Cirrus oil pipes

    Sadly I don't have any photos of the inside of my crankcase and the pipe work. I'll try to provide a description, hopefully it will help. I ran a supply 3/16" brass tube parallel to the crankshaft in-line with the upper right hole on the rear of the sump. The front end of the tube is blocked...
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    Gudgeon (wrist) pin pads

    Aluminium is used as well - re-purposed (solid, dome head aviation) rivets for example.
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    ENV aero engine project

    Thanks for sharing the phenomenal work you've been doing on this engine! It is nice to see how far along you've come with the project since the decision to "do" this one. You are a master craftsman that sets the bar very high. All the best Charlie
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    Cam grinder spindle bearings?

    FWIW - The Workshop Practice series of books has one titled "Spindles" that presents a number of practical (i.e., home shop buildable) designs and some pragmatic design background. Well worth a read and having on the shop shelf.
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    Spark plug alternatives

    For what it's worth, I'd second Al's suggestion to make your own. If you can build a Farm Boy, a spark plug will be no more difficult than a fuel mixer/carb. Attention to detail and taking your time. Besides, there solid bragging rights from saying, "Yes, I made the spark plug too." :D Charlie
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    Cirrus so far

    Very nice work - and only in a year! I've been poking away at mine for 3 times that long and have finally got to the point of thinking all the parts are made ... and then some additional detail pops up. (90% done - 90% to go) It was satisfying to finish that head wasn't it?! (So much...