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    Itech Model Engineer Index

    It seems to have completely disappeared without a trace. The actual indexes used by can be downloaded from although they are not nearly as convenient to use as the site was. Clive
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    Replica's of Robert Stirling's models of the "air engine"

    Thanks for posting Ben, those are lovely engines. I bought the book a few months ago and hope to one day build one or both, probably half size though. For those looking for the prints, as Ben mentioned, the drawings are from the book Robert Stirling's Models of the "Air Engine" by James Rizzo...
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    what engines can be made with a Unimat SL1000

    My first engine was an Elmer's 25. The plans can be downloaded from Tin's link above. I built it on a Unimat Basic which is a newer and a little bit bigger version of the SL1000. The build thread here although probably not the best...
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    The Hobby~Machinist. The "Un"-Friendly Machinist Forum?

    I must admit I was a little bit taken aback by Tin's response, but he did follow it up with a PM apology and an explanation - apparently there had been some bad blood in the past between the owner of Hobby~Machinist and this forum which Tin understandably didn't want dredged up again. Needless...
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    Hi from South Africa

    Gus, Pity you didn't get to Cape Town, one of the worlds most beautiful cities. If you ever visit SA again, make sure to make it a priority. For those who don't speak South African, braai is the South African word for BBQ. The literal translation of boerewors is "Farmer's sausage" which is...
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    How to get back Issues MEW in the States

    I am in Canada and had a similar problem a few months ago. I contacted the publisher via the online form at, received a very prompt response and a promise that a replacement issue would be sent out. A few days later the incorrect issue arrived in the post...
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    Nemett Lynx 15 cc 4 Stroke I/C Petrol Engine

    Hi Gus, If you want to build the Lynx from the article in "Best of Model Engineer Vol 3" you should be aware that table for generating the cam was left out. This thread on Model Engineer Forum contains the relevant information including a link to the original article in Model Engineer Sept...
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    More CAD Options.

    Although I have no experience with DesignSpark Mechanical, I have been a happy user of DesignSpark PCB for a few years now, it is an excellent product, especially given the price - free. Based on my experience with PCB, I think it would be well worth devoting a few hours to taking...
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    ER32 Collet chuck, can I modify it?

    Dickeybird, thanks that is very helpful. Shawn, I should probably take your advise and try making a chuck similar to yours. My concern though is cutting the metric thread for the closing nut on my 8tpi leadscrew Logan lathe. Clive
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    ER32 Collet chuck, can I modify it?

    Thanks Omnimill, so in effect accuracy is dependant on being able to turn the register precisely to size. I would have no problem trying this for a 4 jaw chuck where a touch of run-out would not be problematic, but can't see how I would do this without spoiling the sub-thou run-out one might...
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    ER32 Collet chuck, can I modify it?

    I was looking at the Arc flanged ER collet chucks which are mounted to a backplate by means of three bolts. Arc also stocks suitable backplates, the plain 1 /12" x 8TPI would suit my lathe, but I was wondering how one would go about mounting the collet chuck to the backplate so as to ensure...
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    Hi from Swaziland

    Wow, that takes me back. When I was still at school my father bought a piece of land outside Mbabane on the road to Piggs Peak if I remember right. I do remember it being a very beautiful part of the world. I don't recall all the details, but the intention was for my parents to move there...
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    Simonds Morse to hex adapters

    I recently bought a used Logan 200 lathe which I am slowly cleaning up. It also came with a box of mysterious odds and ends including a range of these: The red and gold label indicates that they were manufactured by "Simonds Saw and Steel Company" and they are engraved 2M.T. 7/16 Hex...
  14. Simmonds Morse To Hex

    Simmonds Morse To Hex

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    Ace is the place

    To put that in perspective, living in Canada, I find it far cheaper and generally much faster to order from the UK than from the US. Not only will many US suppliers not ship to Canada e.g McMaster (and Enco starting May 1st), but for those that do, they either insist on shipping via UPS or...