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    Copyright !! Again.

    "Beating a dead horse" means that the question has already been answered, so there's no need of further answers. It doesn't mean the question is unimportant.
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    Model Aircraft Engine Refurb

    There are some BBQ grill cleaners that work like this. I've used them to get campfire tar off my pots when my kids took them camping and didn't properly care for them. Google for Grill Cleaner
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    Model Aircraft Engine Refurb

    I find carburetor cleaner to be a bit more agressive and work faster than acetone.
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    Variable speed control for a small lathe

    I've sent you a reply on my blog. It gets a little less traffic than HMEM.
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    What is 282 grade steel ?

    This Haynes 282 is not steel, but a nickel alloy. Very hard to machine, but very high-temperature resistant. Carl
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    Anybody got plans.......

    Here's another: Perhaps the best page for this orrery is here: Here's a different one: If 3D printing is your thing, here's some information...
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    Anybody got plans.......

    Here's a description of the gearing for a number of orreries. It provides the information necessary to build, although it isn't a set of plans.
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    Throttle governed engine

    Briggs and Stratton engines use a slightly different governing arrangement. Rather than having the governor push directly on the butterfly, they have the governor push on a spring connected to the butterfly. The throttle control is also on a spring connected to the butterfly. This allows the...
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    Variable speed control for a small lathe

    I've used inexpensive Chinese import VFD's on my lathe and mill. So far, everything is working well. Unfortunately, in my part of the US, small (.75 - 2.25 kW) 3-phase motors are not cheap, but expensive, even in surplus. I purchased a new 3-phase motor for my lathe, and made the mistake of...
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    Variable speed control for a small lathe

    I converted my single-phase 13x40 lathe to a 3-phase motor with a VFD and made it so the existing controls all work. I'd be happy to give you personal advice if you'd like. I added a VFD to my Bridgeport mill clone to...
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    Project of the month

    My brother used to use brass shavings as "gold dust" in his dungeons and dragons games...
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    Verical hit and miss engine

    Tell me how heavy that hunk of steel is and I will give you an estimate.
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    VFD Wiring

    Ejay, I've been looking at your control box and your wiring diagram. As is, your wiring diagram may or may not make lots of sense to me. Are there any other wiring-related pages in your manual (e.g. a component layout diagram)? Let me ask you a couple of questions: 1. Does your lathe have...
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    VW or Porsche Boxer Engine Plans?

    If you want to design your own VW replica engine, you might want to look at this thread on TheSamba. It has very detailed photos of an engine rebuild; I'm pretty sure you can at least estimate the dimensions closely enough to get a reasonable model replica...
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    VFD Wiring

    You will want to change your wiring in the control box on the back of the lathe, rather than the front switch panel. I have a schematic for the necessary changes for two different types of VFD on my blog. I think that your TECO uses the same wiring diagram as the AskPower listed on my blog...