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    Wood Base Finish

    Strongly agree with BigBore "I have been a woodworker for 35 years. For protecting projects for my own shop I use Watco Danish Oil. It is a blend of a penetrating oil and varnish. What makes it a very effective finish is it hardens IN the wood, not on it. It also gives that hand-rubbed...
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    Stephenson's Rocket--Working Model

    Happy Birthday Looks like you made your own birthday present
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    Many Edgar J. Westbury plans available

    I want to respond to a couple of inquiries but can I private message a member and if I can how ? After three hours on my laptop I did find Supreme Court: You Bought It, You Own It, You Can Resell It " in the States we have something called the “first sale doctrine.” It simply means that...
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    Sorry Ron I am mistaken they're not the Minnie but the Allchin Traction Engine 1 1/2"

    Sorry Ron I am mistaken they're not the Minnie but the Allchin Traction Engine 1 1/2"
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    Many Edgar J. Westbury plans available

    Have over 2-3 dozen sets, most of which are of planes but also the Minnie, Firewagon, Boiler, and steam engine plant setup. If anyone is looking for that hard to find plan , I imagine the small plane engines are the rarest. Let me know and if I get several inquiries I'll post a complete...
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    Stuart triple drawings

    Have you found a source for the plans? I have a used set ( two pages with 1955 date)that were used in the shop, They are soiled, small rip, and holes forming at the folded creases. Don't know why they didn't make photocopies. Don't know what shipping is to Canada but I'm sure $8 will...
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    Stephenson's Rocket--Working Model

    After the time spent with a career in carpentry and then one as a dentist, I wish I had the time and skill to make these things myself but I certainly love watching those who can. If I did I'd make the ME and also Mary Beam engines for which I have casting sets. I need to put them on ebay...
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    Corliss Steam Engine (Coles Power Models)

    Machining done that nice and crisp makes it a work of art. Al
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    Oliver Evans The Columbian Steam Engine

    Interesting engine with an interesting design I am lost as to how the rotary gear works
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    Outlet for model engines

    I bought a small pack of tags with strings and also used stickers stuck on the bottom on my collection of live steam toys. I had usually put what I paid and what I guess the market value was. As time goes by I'll change market value if need be. Sometimes I put down best avenue to sell such...
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    Cfellows plans wanted

    Sorry to hear of his passing. One who was always ready to share his knowledge. I was lucky enough to have owned 2 of his unusual engines
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    Is this a Stuart 500?

    No expert but have collected many of Stuart accessories with a focus on their earliest products and at one time had a 501 boiler that was different then others I have seen. The cast model #501 was in a different spot and bushes on top were in a different order (don't remember in which way they...
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    My friends in Italy

    Outstanding! Thanks for posting a hobby that is bought up to an art form.
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    Carlisle+Finch "Model" engine first run

    A Carlisle Finch engine was the very first IC engine I bought when I first branched away from steam engines. I was looking for a model but felt very fortunate to has the chance to buy the smallest true hit and miss engine and not just a model. Mine only required a mixer and minor restoration...