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    Trouble with cut off operations

    Hi Luuiz, Have you made certain that the tool is at center height? With steel make sure you use plenty of coolant. I would recommend running the lathe at it's slowest speed, (Backgear). Make sure the overhang from the tool post is as short as possible. Martin
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    What is 282 grade steel ?

    Hi, From Google :- HAYNES® 282® alloy (UNS N07208) is a, wrought, gamma-prime strengthened superalloy developed for high temperature structural applications, especially those in aero and industrial gas turbine engines. Martin
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    Tapered thread

    Hi, Did you make sure that the taper was the correct angle and the start and end diameters were correct for the thread form? If it is a split die you could try altering the diameter of the die and see if that helps. I would also contact PM Research to check the required diameters. Martin
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    kafer indicator?

    Hi, That is a Multi Revolution, Balanced dial: For reading the difference from a reference surface. Martin
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    kafer indicator?

    Hi, Yes, that is a long travel indictator as seen here :- Martin
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    Highlight todays posts

    Hi Cogsy, Thanks for the tip! Martin
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    Highlight todays posts

    Hi, Jus a request but could you possibly mark the todays posts in bold so I can see them easily? Martin
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    Bandsaw blade problem

    Hi, Lift the frame to take the blade out of the cut while the saw is running. Does the knocking stop? If it does it is most likely the blade is faulty at some point, check the teeth and the side of the blade especially where it has been joined together. You could also watch and listen when the...
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    Rotary Table Radius Chatter

    Hi hfguy, Try lowering the cutter speed, chatter is usually down to rigidity and speed. See here :- I hope you solve the problem. Martin
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    Tangential Tool Holder.

    Hi ICEPeter, The metal is mild steel and yes the surface is very rough but that was using a different tool and a rough cut just to reduce the diameter.;) If you look at the end where the new tool holder has cut a small amount off then you can just see that the finish is much smoother. Once...
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    Tangential Tool Holder.

    Hi Niels, As requested, pics of the new tool in use. The holders for the square carbide will have the carbide in the far left and right corners to enable cutting up to a shoulder. The other version will be horizontally into a round bar for use a a boring bar, similar to those which normally...
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    Tangential Tool Holder.

    Hi, Thanks to Niels Abildgaard supplying the carbide I have just completed my tangential tool holder. It works really well and leaves an excellent finish even with deep cuts. The next project is to make a pair of holders with 3mm square carbide for left and right cutting, again the carbide...
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    Stuck drill fragment -HELP!

    Hi, Use the yellow pages to see if there is a local engineering firm with an EDM machine and get them to burn it out. Martin
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    Hi Brian, Souns like just what I need, thanks for the info.:D Martin
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    Hi Folks, I am considering getting a Pyrometer to use for tempering steel but I am not sure if the infra-red types are the way to go.:confused: Could someone advise me please? Martin