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I’m thinking of purchasing a al-320g lathe I’ve had a look at one like the spindle speed a nice low 60rpm I was looking at the Change gears for threading only one had a oil nipple the other 2 didn’t are the gears supported by a ballbearing?
William May
Typically, change gears used for threading take their lube from the rest of the gear train. Also, the odd ones aren't used that much (I bought my lathe in 1988, and I have special change gears I have NOT YET ever installed to do any work. It's nice to have them, but oh, well.) Actually, the supports for the gears should have a grease nipple of something on them. If they don't, you can easily add it.
Andy, what were you looking for for your "Big Red" mill? I'm up at Lake Anna, VA, so about 250 miles from you. I'm still trying to become proficient with the mini-lathe, but a small hobby mill is on my "some day" wish list.
Morning I’m love the look of the engine you built would like to have a go myself where can I get the plans from please
G'day Alan
I got the plans from the original designer, Stewart Hart through the Model Engine Maker forum. If you send a request on the forum by PM to Stew he will send you the plans.
I also got a set from J, De Waal who re-drew it from Stew's original drawings. I found it handy to have both because there are a few minor errors on both sets.
Cheers John
Have been retired for a number of years, but the only real change there was not spending 48 hours a week at Fire Stations.

Now that the government has put us all under house arrest, I’m actually getting some of my projects, instead of everyone else’s, done.
Getting a lot more time in the workshop with all this Covid-19 stuff going round. I'm Isolating!!! :)
3 electricians looked - no idea. Swapping brands of GFCI breakers does seem to help reduce the frequency. A 1p plasma cutter can trip GFCI's in the shop panel but I assume that is capacitors charging or leakage to ground from what I am cutting.

Any thoughts?


Hi. I have a main house panel which feeds a house sub panel and a barn sub panel which feeds a shop sub panel. Turning on my rotary phase converter (all equipment isolated by disconnects), it will often trip 1 or 2 GFCI's only in house sub panel. To be cont.
Zdravím,měl bych dotaz na tu honovací hlavu,jednalo by se o průměr 24 mm,kde se to dá sehnat,i když to zřejmě bude mimo mé finanční možnosti.Díky ! M...
Honovací hlava se dá koupit ve většině prodejnách s autodíly a nářadím, zřejmě to ale bude na objednání. Cena se pohybuje u těch nejlevnějších okolo 250,- až 400,-. Dá se také koupit přes e-shop Musíte počítat s tím, že vám vydrží na jeden výbrus, kameny se rychle obrušují. Stavíte také nějaký motor?
Dík za odpověď,já si hraji jen s parními strojky ,mám homemade soustruh a problém s kuželovitostí.Tu bych honováním asi stejně neodstranil.
Honování jenom zvětší stávající rozměr a zmenší rýhy po soustružení (resp. odstraní) .Kuželovitost by odstranila např. "bruska na kulato". Na druhou stranu je mírná kuželovitost v rámci cca 0,05 mm u válce žádoucí, pokud se směrem od dolní úvratě pístu k horní snižuje. Také stavím parní stroje a válce mám schválně kuželovité.